[Interview] Jin Sun-kyu returns to show his unparalleled presence and unlimited spectrum as an actor!

Jin Sun-kyu has grabbed the attention of audiences with his exceptional presence performing roles such as Wi Seong-rak in The Outlaws , Detective Ma in Extreme Job, and Monk Hae-an in Svaha: The Sixth Finger in genres that cover crime action, comedy, mystery, and more, and he has returned as Tiger Park.

Having surprised audiences with his transformation in every film, Jin Sun-kyu once again perfectly slipped into his character Tiger Park, the passionate engineer who pumps up the engine at the heart of the spaceship Victory. Tiger Park, who has the kindest heart unlike his appearance, adds great energy to the story with his down-to-earth charm created by actor Jin Sun-kyu. Always capturing the hearts and minds of audiences with his infinite spectrum of acting skills, Jin Sun-kyu will again steal the hearts of audiences with his performance in Space Sweepers , a testament to his ever-evolving transformation as an actor.


Tiger Park, the engineer of the debris-collecting spaceship Victory

“This titanium axe is an equalizer. Dead in one swing.”

He used to be a gang leader back in the day. He had so much power and wealth back on Earth and used to live in a huge mansion with a tiger as his pet, but now he is just a tiny speck of dust in the universe. He wants to be called Tiger Park, but everyone else simply calls him “Park.” He controls Victory’s engine room, the heart of the spaceship. On the surface, everything about him, from his intense look and tattoos to his eye-catching hair and the titanium axe he carries, prevents people from approaching him, but he has a good heart and cares about children.



Q : What made you decide to join the cast of S pace Sweepers?

Jin Sun-kyu : The moment I learned that it was a sci-fi film, I was drawn to the project as I had been wanting to try a new genre for a while. The script was very fun, and it made me feel like I was working on a Hollywood film. Everything about the film was new and intriguing, so I let the production team know
that I wanted to participate in this project as soon as I finished reading the script.

Q : How do you feel about acting in the first Korean sci-fi blockbuster?

Jin Sun-kyu : I assume that everyone from the filming crew to the director and the cast feels the same way about this project—I’m very excited and curious to see what the final outcome looks like. In a way, the film has opened a door to test and see what Korea and its technology can achieve in creating a film like this. I’m both nervous and excited because the film is the first of its kind.

Q : Please tell us about your character.

Jin Sun-kyu : Tiger Park is in charge of the engine room of Victory. He is physically strong and can sometimes be rough, but surprisingly, he is also the one who runs the household on the spaceship.

Q : What was it like on set while you were filming?

Jin Sun-kyu : It was really great. I think everyone on this project—the director, filming crew, and cast—is quite similar in personality. Director Jo is both a great person and a talented director. Everyone would often mention how great the relationship among the cast and the overall filming crew was on set.

Q : What’s unique about Space Sweepers ?

Jin Sun-kyu : It’s a genre that has never been properly attempted in Korea. I think it’s going to be completely different from all the other Korean films in many aspects, including the visual aspects, production design, and VFX.

Q : Please describe Space Sweepers in one sentence.

Jin Sun-kyu : Space Sweepers , Korea’s first sci-fi film set in space that will become one of the world’s best films.


Check out Space Sweepers, premieres on February 5 , only on Netflix!

Credit Photos : Netlix

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