[Interview] Kim Tae-ri, the remarkable actor who performs with her “uniqueness”

Kim Tae-ri possesses her own “uniqueness.” From films such as The Handmaiden, 1987: When the Day Comes, and Little Forest to TV series like Mr. Sunshine, Kim Tae-ri has portrayed her characters from different eras without conforming to the stereotype of each period and yet breathing life into each character with such ease and authenticity.

In Space Sweepers, she returns as the captain of spaceship Victory and will lead audiences into space in the year 2092. The young leader, Captain Jang, is the most level-headed person with a practical mind among the entire crew of Victory and leads the bumbling crew in the most chaotic moments by keeping calm and making decisions fast. Captain Jang’s unwavering strength to decisively handle unjust situations and the confidence to shoot a laser gun clearly show just how talented Kim Tae-ri is as an actor.


Captain Jang, the leader of the debris collection spaceship Victory

“Out of the way, you incompetent fools.
That’s mine.”

Space Sweepers

She once used to be the captain of a notorious pirate spaceship. After getting a new identity, she becomes the captain of the space debris collection ship Victory. This abrasive captain is always drunk and so arrogant that even the toughest space workers cannot handle her. There is no machine that she can’t fix and her exceptional intelligence and leadership shine through at every critical moment.


Q : What made you decide to join the cast of S pace Sweepers ?

Kim Tae-ri : The biggest reason why I decided to join the cast was, of course, my character. Captain Jang is a simple person, but has a kind heart, which I was drawn to. It was also a special character that I hadn’t seen before. Secondly, I was excited about the film being the “first of its kind.” I wondered, “How would the first Korean space sci-fi turn out and how can I contribute to this project?”

Q : How was working with director Jo Sung-hee?

Kim Tae-ri : Director Jo Sung-hee is very shy and careful in what he does, but when it comes to work, be it films or the filming process, he is very passionate. I had a lot of faith in him because I could see how clear his vision for this film was and how committed he was to making it great. Also, his previous films really showed that he has stories that he wants to tell and his own distinct style to tell them.

Q : Tell us about your character and what you focused on to bring the character to life.

Kim Tae-ri : Captain Jang is the commander of the debris-collecting spaceship Victory. She gets a lot of
headache because of her troublemaking crew, but she is charismatic, smart, competent, and all in all, very cool. She is the leader among a group of people. As you follow the story of the film, I’m confident that you will clearly see how she leads her people in this spaceship and why she is considered the captain.

Q : What was it like on set while you were filming?

Kim Tae-ri : It was great. After all, the film is a story about the crew on board Victory who are much like a family under the leadership of Captain Jang. I got along with the rest of the cast from the very beginning. And I gradually became close to the filming crew as well, so I could get a lot of great energy from everyone on set.

Q : Please share a short message for the viewers

Kim Tae-ri : We have created Korea’s first sci-fi film set in space after celebrating the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema recently. We worked very hard to create a family film that can be enjoyed by everyone, so I hope you are excited to watch it. On top of the visual spectacles created by VFX, the film is filled with heart-warming stories of individual characters, so I hope you enjoy it.

Check out Space Sweepers, premieres on February 5 , only on Netflix!

Credit Photos : Netlix

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