[Review] theQoos – The Best App for K-pop Fans?

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to this app called theQoos. As a huge K-pop fans myself, I always excited to try out whatever apps available in the market. After trying out myself, I can say that theQoos, is the one that satisfy my K-pop needs.

Let’s go into details for this app and what makes it so special.

1. My Favorite Artists

Once you have signed up with the app, you are allowed to choose your favorite artists to follow. There are more than 79+ K-pop artists available and the is no limit to follow. theQoos will cater your feed based on the artists you follow, which includes latest news and updates. You are also able to look at the artist pages (complete with members’ profiles) and see their specific content, watch their music videos and performances and listen to their songs.


2. More than a Community

theQoos is obviously more than just a community. Besides sharing posts about your favorite artists under ‘Fan Post’, you are also able to make new friends who share the same interest with you here. There is a section for you to chat and get to know each other. Also, theQoos makes it easier to track members’ birthday and schedules.


3. Fan Q&A 

This feature is my favorite among all. Fans can record and upload a video for the artist, and sometimes they will get the artist itself to reply the video personally with a video! I feel like one step closer to my favorite idols through this feature. Recently they were having Q&A Session with A.C.E and Chungha!


4. Quiz & Poll

In fact, there are so many activities going on inside the app, besides that I mentioned above. The most fun is Quiz & Poll section. This where I usually hang out whenever I feel bored. Yes, they’re no rewards for joining these quizzes or polls I always enjoyed those interactive activities.


5. Contests & Giveaways

As quiz & polls don’t have any rewards, you can join the contests or giveaways section to win some interesting prizes! Currently there are ‘7 Days of BTS Giveaway’ going on, which you can have a chance to win ‘BE’ Albums and Winter Package set. You can find any ongoing contests or giveaways that is currently running on its own tab under ‘Community’ section.


If you are looking for an app that can keep you with the latest news and interactive contents at the same time, theQoos is definitely the one! theQoos can be downloaded from App or Google store. Let us know if you have tried them!


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