[Interview] Jung Ga-ram talked about his recent work in Love Alarm 2

“I’m going to keep liking you! But you don’t have to”

Lee Hye-yeongㅣJung Ga-ram

Hye-yeong has eyes only for Jojo. He rings her alarm ten times daily and silently holds his place by her side. He continues to ring the alarm for her, never giving up hope that someday her love for him will set off his alarm. Then, one day he discovers the truth about his father. He despairs and needs someone to lean on, but he doesn’t want to burden Jojo.


Q : What’s different from Season 1?

Jung Ga-ram : If Season 1 was all about holding feelings in from a distance, Season 2 is about being more active in approaching Jojo and wanting to work through whatever problems they face side by side. Compared to Season 1, there were many scenes involving the direct expression of deep emotions. Hye-yeong’s pain surfaces in some of them, and I was brought close to tears when filming. The story that unfolds is interesting, with Hye-yeong unaware that Jojo was using the shield feature and loving her silently in a world ringing loudly with love alarms.

Q : What was important to you in portraying Hye-yeong?

Jung Ga-ram : The difference in his temperament. Both the director and the writer wanted to show the contrast between when Hye-yeong was by himself and when he was with Jojo or his mother. I tried to show the positive side of him that doesn’t drag down those around him no matter what challenges he is facing in life.

Q : What was it like working together again with Kim So-hyun and Song Kang?

Jung Ga-ram : After Season 1, we each went on with our lives for about a year. When we met up again, it felt like coming home. Now that we’re close and know about one another, we can talk more freely and proactively. When filming, we’d share opinions, asking, “Should we try this?” or “Would this make it more interesting?” I was nervous about the budding romance with Kim So-hyun that never panned out in Season 1. And with Song Kang, I tried to show the relationship as still close but somewhat cautious compared to the untainted, energetic friendship they had in Season 1. To maintain these thoughts, I’d intentionally keep to myself before filming. Afterward, I spent my time more freely with them, eating, talking and reading the script.

Q : What was it like working with director Kim Jin-u?

Jung Ga-ram : He is a man of great energy and attention to detail. His creative vision combined with what we brought to the table as actors gave rise to something quite different from Season 1. He made sure we had an environment where we could focus on our work.

Q : What are Season 2’s highlights?

Jung Ga-ram : Season 1 had us learning about one another and our feelings. In Season 2, we learn more about these feelings not by relying on the app but by being sincere. We learn to grow and to heal in the process. Jojo finally opens her heart to wistful Hye-yeong, and he is rather adorable with her in their budding romance. I was excited and happy to play that part and hope that I don’t disappoint.


“Love Alarm” season 2 premieres on March 12, 10pm on Netflix.

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