A ONEderful Day with Kim Young Dae

Last year, the hit Korean Drama – Penthouse delivered a shot of adrenaline to K-drama lovers and became one of the most loved dramas in recent memory. The storyline itself left much room for comments as the series left audiences on a positive note due to its thrilling story and engagement.

Following the success of the first season, the series returns to screen with Penthouse 2 on ONE, Astro Channel 393. Written by the Queen of Makjang – Kim Soon Ok, the series continues to revolve around revenge, murder, and bullying,  including suspenseful plots keeping audiences glued, and entertained throughout each episode.

Penthouse 2 continues the saga of the immoral elites such as Oh Yoon Hee (Eugene) and Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) residing at Hera Palace, facing repercussions of their wicked acts from Season 1. As each character embarks on their own revenge agenda, the plot twist intensifies when their loved ones are involved in a life or death matter. Penthouse 2 definitely portrays the value of family comes first, above self-pride, and beyond the accepted living principles.

Follow the suspense as each Penthouse 2 episode unravels every Saturday & Sunday at 9:45 PM only on ONE, Astro Channel 393.

Bringing the Penthouse 2 experience up a notch, ONE is bringing fans closer to their favourite star with an exclusive Facebook LIVE virtual fan-meet session  ONEderful Day with Kim Young Dae on March 28, at 3:45 pm, exclusively on ONE’s Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/ONEtvasia). 

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