How will one love triangle be resolved while Love Alarm updates to version 2.0 in a world forever altered by its ringing?

Since the release of Love Alarm — a mobile app that rings when someone with romantic feelings approaches within a 33-foot radius of you — people have come to rely on it to express their feelings instead of using words such as “I like you” or “I love you.”

With an updated feature that lists “people you will love” and “people who will love you,” the app has expanded its deep influence over people’s daily lives. With Love Alarm’s number of hearts serving as a measure of popularity, the Love Alarm Badge Club has emerged as an exclusive community for those few with more than three thousand hearts.

But those who feel unloved, and have these feelings reinforced by Love Alarm, burrow deeper into their isolation. The social impacts, including crime, caused by Love Alarm trickle down to the main characters, shaking up their lives more than they ever imagined possible.

About these social issues highlighted in Season 2, director Kim Jin-u said, “The most important thing is, for the viewers to be able to relate to them. Instead of mentioning them directly, I tried to show naturally how the characters are affected by these social phenomena.”

In Season 2, Jojo, Hye-yeong and Sun-oh each struggle to adjust, in their own way, to the changing world where expressions of love and much of daily life have been impacted. As a result, they grow and mature. Jojo tries to shed herself of the shield she uses to protect her heart, realizing it has become a harmful weapon against Hye-yeong and Sun-oh. Hye-yeong tries to win over Jojo’s heart in the tried and true way of directly expressing himself to her. Sun-oh, though hurt by Jojo’s Love Alarm that ceased to ring for him, tries to not listen to the alarm, but look into her heart. The love triangle among these three
deepens, their relationships connected and disconnected by the Love Alarm, in a world changed by it.

“Love Alarm” season 2 premieres on March 12, 10pm on Netflix.

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