[Exclusive] Kim Bo-ra discusses polyamory, her affection for Love Scene Number’s Nam Doo-Ah, K-pop songs and more!

Kim Bo-Ra as Nam D0o-Ah in Love Scene Number#. Credit: Oh!K.

K-popped! recently had the opportunity to interview rising star and talented actress, Kim Bo-Ra (Sky Castle, Her Private Life).

Kim Bo-Ra is currently starring in Love Scene Number #, an eight-episode omnibus drama airing on Oh!K  (Astro Ch. 394) that tells four different romance stories featuring four female characters who are each at a turning point in their lives when it comes to love, dating, and their values.

Credit: Oh!K.

Kim Bo-Ra’s co-stars include Shim Eun-Woo (The World of the Married), former T-ara member Ryu Hwa-Young (Hello My Twenties), and Park Jin-Hee (Doctor Detective, Giant).

In Love Scene #23, Kim Bo-Ra played Nam Doo-Ah, a university student who is secretly involved in a polyamorous relationship with three men: 4th year university student Yoo Da-Ham (Kim Jong-Hoon), graduate student and Doo-Ah’s senior, Yeon Sung-Woo (Kim Joon-Kyung), engineering student Han Si-Han (Kim Sung-hyun) who is one year younger than Doo-Ah (noona fans rejoice) and a complicated relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Do Han-wool (Ahn Jung-hoon).



Credit: Oh!K

Q : What attracted you to the role of Nam Doo-ah?

Kim Bo-Ra : I adored the fact that despite being an intellectual, she was still very clueless when it came to the matters of love.  She’s also the one who speaks the truth without any hesitation and I find that very attractive.

Q : How did you prepare for the role? 

Kim Bo-Ra : In terms of the character’s appearance, I had a thorough discussion with the director with a lot of thought put into asking ourselves how and why Doo Ah gains so much popularity with men. She looks very strong and tough on the surface, but has many dimensions of charm in her character. At the end, the director suggested a bright red and black two-tone hair dye for Doo Ah.

We’ve done rehearsals with the actors and director before the shoot, so we were able to immerse ourselves in the characters during the filming process. This really helped me express Doo Ah’s personality. 

Credit: Oh!K

Q : Polyamory isn’t a commonly discussed topic – do you think more dramas will start featuring more shows on polyamorous relations? 

Kim Bo-Ra : It’s a fact that you don’t see a lot of conversations revolving around a women dating three different men simultaneously, especially here in South Korea. That’s why I really wanted to take on this project. 

There has to be someone who has experienced this, and it would also be nice to re-enact for some people who could only imagine the experience in their heads and allow them to live their experience through the drama. There isn’t a fixed answer to love, and you will be able to see different kinds of people and experience various feelings through dramas. 

Q : What was the most interesting experiences filming Love Scene Number#?

Kim Bo-Ra : I bloated up quite a bit due to my allergy. There were also times that it could just be me being very tired, or when I just had been crying a lot. People do occasionally ask on set “why Doo Ah looks so bloated today”

There are many parts to a filming process where the weather and venue change constantly, so we don’t film according to the script. This is why there will be times in this drama you will be able to catch Doo Ah looking very bloated at school, but seems alright when she goes home in the next scene. 

Credit: Oh!K

Q : What impact do you hope Love Scene Number# has on the public?  

Kim Bo-Ra : There are many different types of love and people in this world, as portrayed in Love Scene Number#. The way you choose how to love, is only one out of the many other ways that exists. 

There is a scene in the drama where Ji Sung tells Doo Ah “Loving yourself is a form of everlasting romance.” The time spent loving someone is great, but it’s also good to take some time to get to you know yourself. Ask yourself questions and make decisions from there. 

I hope the drama is able to encourage more people to take more time to think about themselves and their needs. 

Q : If you could play another role in Love Scene Number, whose role (out of the other 3 lead actresses) would you like to play and why?

Kim Bo-Ra : As I’ve prepared for this role since August, I’ve developed affection for the character. Maybe that’s why even if I was given a chance to choose, I would still choose to take on the role of Doo Ah. She’s daring, but also has a cute clumsy side to her and I really like that. 

Polyamory, love triangles and more in Love Scene Number 23 starring Kim Bo-Ra. Credit: Oh!K

Q : In the future, what types of roles and genres would you like to play and why?

Kim Bo-Ra : It could be me being greedy, but I do want to try all kinds of drama so that I have no regrets. If given a good opportunity, it would be fun to reinterpret a role similar to one that I’ve done in the past.

Q : Which actors/actresses would you like to act with in the future? It can be someone you’ve acted with before. 

Kim Bo-Ra : I haven’t had the chance to think about who I want to work with. However, I do feel like I’ve always wanted to work with my co-stars from past projects; people whom I’ve only worked briefly with as we always have to part at the end of the drama when we were just warming up to each other.

Credit: Oh!K

Q : Our readers are all big fans of Korean music – which songs or singers do you enjoy listening to? 

Kim Bo-Ra : I usually enjoy listening to music at home, but the genre or language of the song doesn’t really matter to me as I listen to a wide range of music. I do want to recommend a song by Hyuk O called “Christmas Tears”. 

The song tells you to not to hold your tears and that it’s okay to express your feelings. It’s a song that reimagines the lyrics in “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”. Whether you’re an adult or a kid, there will be times where you feel like crying your heart out. So, I would recommend this song in hopes that you will be genuine about your own feelings. 

Q : Will you visit Malaysia for a fan-meeting once Covid19 is over?

Kim Bo-Ra : It will be my pleasure to do so! Nothing is definite in this world, but I’d love to say that I’d like to visit Malaysia. 

We hope to see you in Malaysia soon Bo-Ra! Credit: Oh!K

Q : Do you have any message for your Malaysian fans? 

Kim Bo-Ra : Hello to everyone in Malaysia reading this. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kim Bo-ra, who has turned 27 this year. I’ve been able to do this interview due to your support, and was able to come to the end of the interview with the positive vibes you’re sending all the way from Malaysia. Please continue supporting me in the future and I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.


Check out Love Scene Number # every Tuesday at 7.40pm on Oh!K, Astro Channel 394.

There will be a Love Scene Number # marathon on 13 & 14 March at 6pm.






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