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[Interview] Song Kang talked about the difference between Love Alarm Season 1 and Season 2

“It’s time for you to look deep into your heart.
I can’t let you go for reasons I cannot understand”

Hwang Sun-ohㅣSong Kang

Jojo was his first love, and she made him feel like he was on top of the world. He didn’t believe her at first when she said she no longer loved him, but when her alarm didn’t ring, Sun-oh left her. Time passed. Hye-yeong and Jojo began seeing each other, while Sun-oh tried to bottle up his feelings for good. But there was no denying that Jojo is still the only one who sets off his alarm.


Q : How do you feel about Season 1 receiving so much love from fans around the world?

Song Kang : I think they loved the fresh, new themes and the on-screen chemistry among us actors. I’m not all that active on social media, but afterLove Alarm Season 1, my followers increased by about 25 times. I could feel the love of the fans from around the world, left in the comments in various languages. I got a similar kind of attention from acquaintances that made me a little embarrassed but proud at the same time.

Q : What’s different from Season 1? What was important to you in this role?

Song Kang : It would not be an exaggeration to say that Sun-oh from Season 1 is different from the one in Season 2. Director Kim Jin-u wanted to show a more mature character, so I toned down his playful ways. Being a playful person myself, that was hard in the beginning, but after a while, I was so into the character that I didn’t feel like myself being silly. And I spent a lot of time and effort studying Sun-oh from Season 1 so that he segues convincingly into a more mature character. Viewers can definitely look forward to seeing a more sophisticated Sun-oh, shed of his childlike ways.

Q : What was it like working with Kim So-hyun and Jung Ga-ram again?

Song Kang : In Season 1, the relationship between Jojo and Sun-oh began, developed and faced challenges. Season 2 unravels its peak and the closure. I’m close to Kim So-hyun, so working with her was fun and enjoyable through both seasons. With Jung Ga-ram, I didn’t have many scenes with him in Season 2, so I really valued our time together in each one. Because I’m close to him, it made it easier for us to work together in portraying the complex feelings conflicted by friendship and love.

Q : What was it like working with director Kim Jin-u?

Song Kang : Director Kim Jin-u is a playful person like myself, so I felt at ease working with him on the set. He trusted me with many of the acting aspects, so I was able to prepare for the role and express myself freely.

Q : What are Season 2’s highlights?

Song Kang : Season 1 was about teenage love, whereas Season 2 is about more mature romantic relationships. Since the romance occurs through an app, keeping that perspective centered can help the viewers enjoy the show better. There is much fun and healing in Season 2, so I hope they come back.


“Love Alarm” season 2 premieres on March 12, 10pm on Netflix.

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