Park In-hwan and Song Kang transcend their nearly 50 year age difference in “Navillera,” a special story of friendship, empathy, mentoring and bonding

Navillera’s depiction of the special friendship between 70-year-old Deok-chul and 23-year-old Chae-rok brings to life the touching story of the original webtoon.

Nearing his 70th birthday, Deok-chul watches Chae-rok during ballet practice. Deok-chul’s heart races seeing how he radiates while practicing his craft, and he remembers his own long forgotten dream of becoming a ballet dancer. But he fears that it might be too late for him.

After a close friend dies, he changes his mind about chasing that goal, despite his advanced years. Deok-chul becomes determined to live out his dream of dancing on stage one day. He even ignores opposition from his beloved wife and children.

Chae-rok is a struggling young man who has plenty of headaches he’s dealing with all on his own. To him, Deok-chul, who sought him out wanting to learn ballet, is nothing but a nuisance. But somehow, they end up in a mutually beneficial relationship, with Chae-rok as ballet teacher and Deok-chul as student and manager.

Chase-rok is surprised that the old man lasts longer than he expected in training. Deok-chul’s passion for ballet must be genuine. With Chae-rok’s help, Deok-chul devotes himself to attaining his goal of becoming an elite dancer.

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