Popular characters Gul-mi, Yuk-jo, Mon-sun and Brian Chon revived from the original “Love Alarm” webtoon for the live-action Netflix Original Series

Love Alarm Season 2 unravels a world undergoing multifaceted changes in how love is expressed and evaluated. In addition to Jojo, Hye-yeong and Sun-oh, four other characters from the original webtoon — Gul-mi, Yuk-jo, Mon-sun and Brian Chon add color to the story of this world shaken up by Love Alarm.

Ko Min-si

Ko Min-si — who took the world by the storm with her performance in Sweet Home — plays Gul-mi, who strives to become a celebrity in the Badge Club, which is exclusive only to those with more than three thousand Love Alarm hearts. Effervescent and relentlessly focused on collecting more Love Alarm hearts, Gul-mi livens up the whole show every time she enters a scene. Her ambition drives her to ring other people’s Love Alarms, and in the process of trying to win over their hearts, gradual transformations occur inside her.

Kim Si-eun

Kim Si-eun — who has kept active with her part in the recent drama series Homemade Love Story — plays Yuk-jo, who is Sun-oh’s girlfriend and a member of the exclusive Badge Club. As an attention-getting celebrity who wants for nothing, Yuk-jo lacks just one thing, and that is Sun-oh’s heart. Although he doesn’t ring her alarm now, she believes that he’ll eventually come to like her. Season 2 will bring a big turning point in their relationship.

Cho Yu-jung — who portrayed the high-achieving but struggling Won Hae-na in the drama Record of Youth — plays returning college student Mon-sun. She is Jojo’s only friend. She is privy to Jojo’s secret feelings and is very supportive of her. Claiming that love — for certain — occurs at first sight, Mon-sun enjoys with great relish all the new features of Love Alarm 2.0.

Ki Do-hun

Ki Do-hun — who has performed in such diverse and engaging roles as Yangcha in Arthdal Chronicles and Park Hyo-sin inOnce Again — plays the eccentric, but charming app developer Chon Duk-gu. You see, Jojo removed her shield feature and is trying to ring Hye-yeong’s alarm. She comes to suspect that Chon Duk-gu, who gifted her the shield, is the app developer, and she sets out in search of him. With the launching of Love Alarm 2.0, the developer becomes known as Brian Chon. Viewers will be intrigued to know whether or not he is the same person as Chon Duk-gu, as Jojo suspects.

These characters tell the story of individuals struggling to find love in their own terms in a world where love is true only when it rings out.

“Love Alarm” season 2 premieres on March 12, 10pm on Netflix.

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