The cast of “Love Alarm” returns with new maturity after a two-year hiatus for the much anticipated second season of the heartwarming romantic series

Love Alarm Season 1, the live-action adaptation of the popular webtoon by Chon Kye-young, introduced a mobile app that sends out a notification when someone with romantic feelings approaches within a 33-foot radius of you. With an entertaining storyline that anyone who has been in love can relate to, the show has earned praise and opened a new chapter in the Korean young adult romance genre known as “high-teen.” With remarkable resemblances that could have jumped out from the pages of the original
webtoon, the three main actors — Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram and Song Kang — have a dynamic chemistry that fascinates the fans, creating many Hye-yeong and Sun-oh empathizing devotees.

Fans from around the globe wrote in many languages clamoring for more of the unfinished love story among these three. A 25-fold increase in the number of followers within a short period for Song Kang’s social media is a testament to the attention they were receiving. Now they return after two years to enthrall worldwide viewers again with the continued story of 100% pure romance in a world where feelings cannot stay concealed.

Kim So-hyun

Kim So-hyun — who nabbed the Excellence Award for Actress in a Miniseries at the 2019 KBS Drama Awards for her role inThe Tale of Nokdu — plays Jojo, who has hidden her heart away and shields it from a world where love rings out for all to hear. According to director Kim Jin-u, she has “finessed difficult emotional portrayals to the point where I marveled at her acting skills.” Her detailed and poignant performance as Jojo shows a character wavering between Hye-yeong and Sun-oh and discovering her true feelings in the process.

Jung Ga-ram

Jung Ga-ram — who completely transformed himself in his role and held his own against veteran actors in the filmBeasts Clawing at Straws — reprises his role with more mature acting as Hye-yeong, who steadfastly stands by Jojo’s side. Jung Ga-ram is the quintessential Hye-yeong, with director Kim Jin-u claiming that he “actually resembles Hye-yeong in that both are gentle, diligent and earnest.” Despite Jojo’s unwillingness to ring his alarm, Hye-yeong stays by her side, his longtime love for her unflinching.

Song Kang

Song Kang — who left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide with his role in the hit K-horror Netflix Original SeriesSweet Home — strengthens his hold over Sun-oh sympathizers with his ardent love that rings for no one else but Jojo. “Sun-oh is a completely different character in Season 2 than in Season 1. Viewers will encounter a more mature, thoughtful Sun-oh,” Song Kang declared. He brings more depth and emotional insight to his portrayal of Sun-oh, who must face the pain of his first love that he has not forgotten with the passage of time.

These actors, who have not been idle in learning and growing on their own, have reunited. Despite the long hiatus, their chemistry remains impeccable. Kim So-hyun boasted of their group dynamics saying, “We became tighter as a group in Season 2. There was no need to make an effort to align our perspectives or interaction.” Jung Ga-ram said, “Having played Hye-yeong throughout Season 1 and 2, I could really empathize with him.” The other actors reprising their respective roles have also deepened their understanding and passion by focusing on a character over a period of time. Together, they plan to actively share their insights in developing multidimensional characters. Song Kang said, “I was very nervous about being in a major character role. But in Season 2, I became more confident and comfortable in my own skin,” showing how the actors have matured and progressed as much as their characters have.

“Love Alarm” season 2 premieres on March 12, 10pm on Netflix.

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