New K-Drama “Imitation” : Skip It OR Ship It? [Episode 1 Review]

Imitation is based on the webtoon, with the same name, aired on Friday, 7th May 2021. The main attraction to the drama was because of its star studded casts. The leading cast includes Ateez’s Yun Oh, T-Ara’s Park Ji-yeon, U-kiss’ Lee Jun-young and Jeong Ji-so, though unlike the ones mentioned before she is not a real life Kpop Idol- but that doesn’t mean we are not excited for her. She is definitely coming to blow our minds! Others in the cast include SF9’s Chani, Im Na-young, Kim Min-seo, Ateez’s San, Seong Hwa and Jun Ho and many more!

Most of the casts are real life K-pop idols or have been trainees, and the storyline too revolves around the lives of K-pop idols. The drama highlights the scenes and reality behind the spotlights, the hardships and emotions of an idol. It is very rare to have a drama that entirely revolves around K-pop idols and such a drama to come at a time when K-pop has been spreading over the world probably was a necessity.

But the big question is, that did the drama do justice to the anticipations of the viewers?



The drama deals with a member of girl group Tea party, the group itself is not gaining much success or popularity but this member named Lee Ma-ha (played by Jeong Ji-so) has a bit of recognition for having similar features as a famous solo singer La Ri (played by Park Ji-yeon). This also creates a prejudice against her for ‘imitating’ La Ri, to gain attention. Specially from Kwon Ryok, member of Shax {played by Lee Jun-young), who also dislikes her after an incident during a sport contest.

After this contains spoiler, so don’t read if you are not look for one. Personally, I liked the plot, its more detailed and complex. The story has many levels to go up. It is not your ordinary sing song and dance happily but much mature.

From the beginning the plot took it’s role, we weren’t entertained with the flashy scenes that would be just fillers. Just when about to go on stage, Shax face crisis by Eun Jo walking away and Ryeok had to fill in and then we go back (keeping the suspense) we meet Ma Ha again and a look into her life, even discovering how she knew Yun Oh’s character.

The episode gave a background for the characters, by their trainee days and their difficulties, how their are naturally aces and struggling ones too. Seemingly the lead is transferred to a small company, so that enhances the struggle. Also talking about those who have been training for a longer period. Even talking about how girl groups were being chosen from marketing point of view, by being ‘fresh’ – highlighting of the struggles really made the lot stronger and interesting.

The episode moved from trainee days to debut and to even success of Shax, a very happening episode that did not have you bored.

The story has its own comic scenes, like the dripping and pouring of sauce argument, which gave us a good smile and lighten the mood after the tension of debut days being near, also some mystery regarding Eun Jo leaving suddenly. Each and every character has a story of their own, it does not only focus on the main leads.



Ma Ha is an ambitious and cute character while Ryeok is our reserved yet sweet one. We didn’t get to see Lee ri Ma, unfortunately even Yoo Jin had very few scenes other then with Ma Ha. I am dying for their cute friendship! Maybe he even has feelings for Ma Ha? He seems quite too but still I would like to see more of him as a person, same goes for other supporting roles. While showing the trainee days, we got to know them quite a bit and I really hope they are not ignored on later.



The drama started with Shax stage rehearsal, there was a constant zoom on Chani but most of the time it showed the performance from a bit far and even if we got some closeups, they were moving so fast that we couldn’t get a good look at who is who, like with Jung Ho I had to repeat the scene to recognize them. As much as we want to be intrigued by the choreography it would be nice to get a few closeups for each character so we can be sort of introduced to them. Though, it did give a more real feel as most of real life performances (even rehearsals) are filmed like that, but it could have been a better introductory scene. It was covered though when Shax was shown again getting ready for their performance and we got a good look on them individually.

Though I loved the transition from the stadium to the car, where we got to meet our Ma Ha. Soon after that the car passes and we meet another young girl crying. I loved how they moved to the past and then back to present from the first scene very smoothly!

Oh! Oh! And how can I forget the power walk of Shax, yes I squealed. I already stan them! The angle shots were very neat, they did gave their effect to the scenes. Overall, the flow of the episode was nice, did not have abrupt transition in between scenes nor were scenes too long. Even the background music fits the scenes and give the scenes the right feeling, I honestly am impressed!


Honestly, I will be waiting eagerly for Fridays now even more! The show really intrigued me and clearly kept the expectations of viewers and fans of the webtoon. If you want to read the webtoon, its on Tappy toons and the show is available on Viki with full subs now.

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