Get To Know The SO NOT WORTH IT Characters and Fall In Love With Them

Such charming characters!

Netflix’s first-ever K-sitcom So Not Worth It centers on the lives of eight university friends living at an international dormitory. With legendary sitcom hitmakers Kwon Ik-joon and Kim Jung-sik as the creative minds of the new series, there is much anticipation and excitement. Portraying the young students’ hilarious adventures, So Not Worth It is a show that will make you laugh and move your heart. Get to know the charming and loveable characters of the series below!

Park Se-wan

Se-wan (Park Se-wan) is a resident advisor who juggles multiple part-time jobs and works very hard to support herself. Her family troubles have led her to become tough as nails, so she is always looking out for potential money making opportunities. Park Se-wan explained, “My character wishes daily for the world to come to an end tomorrow and that’s where the title comes from.” Despite things feeling so not worth it at times, Se-wan finds comfort in her friends and gets to experience precious moments.


Jamie Houston

Shin Hyeon-seung is a rising actor who portrays innocently charming new student Jamie Houston. Jamie is a freshman who attracts much attention due to his good looks. Shin Hyeon-seung said, “Jamie doesn’t really know a lot about the world, and I think that part is a bit similar to myself. Jamie is pure and he focuses on what he loves.” Even though he’s very handsome and popular, Jamie isn’t aware of this and is not pretentious in any way. Since he’s not as familiar with living in Korea, he comes across a lot of interesting adventures.



Choi Young-jae who portrays Korean-Australian student Sam is also well known for being the main vocalist of K-pop boy group GOT7. On acting for the first time through this series, Choi Young-jae commented, “It’s the first time I’m showing this side of myself to my fans. I hope they discover a new side of me.” Sam is the youngest of the eight students and he is a rascal known for boasting and exaggerating. He’s a cute trickster who always gets caught since lying makes his ears turn red. Even though he can be silly, he’s also quite pure at heart.



Minnie is also a K-pop idol as a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE. Her character of the same name is a sophomore and a K-contents major. She’s a true fashionista and she enjoys clubbing like many university students. Minnie described her character as being a huge fan of K-dramas and “in love with Crash Landing on You and Hyun Bin.” Minnie’s character also has a K-pop trainee experience when she tags along with her friend to an audition and gets scouted herself.


Han Hyun-min

Han Hyun-min’s character also shares his name and is the same age as him. Han Hyun-min shared that his character “commutes from the city of Icheon and it takes five hours. That’s why he tries to stay at the dormitory. He’s a very pure and innocent soul.” As a Korean, he’s not able to stay at the international dormitory, but he sneaks his way in due to the difficult commute. Despite facing challenging and funny situations frequently, Hyun-min maintains his determination and positivity.



Joakim Sorensen is known for being a panelist on the talk show Love of 7.7 Billion. The native Swede said, “I traveled a long way from a forest in Sweden and I’m a fan of Netflix, so I can’t believe I’m in a Netflix sitcom with this great cast.” His character Hans is strictly by the book except when it’s not convenient for himself. Hans is sometimes considered a snob and he can get obsessive about issues he is passionate about. Despite being very particular about certain things, he’s still an endearing oddball friend in the group.


Carson Allen

You may recognize Carson Allen as she actually has a lot of acting experience having appeared in dramas like When the Camellia Blooms, The K2, and more. Carson described her same-name character as someone who “doesn’t like to put on makeup and doesn’t care too much about her looks. She’s a senior and she’s called an old fart by a lot of the students. I’m kind of an older sister character.” Her character uses a lot of phrases that evoke an uncle or granny-esque image. She’s a big eater, but she’s also got a big heart.


Terris Brown

Terris Brown’s character also shares the same name as his character, but he says that “there are some similarities, but the Terris in So Not Worth It is a lot more confident. I’m a lot more shy, but the way he loves his friends is similar to me. I’m not a casanova in real life.” The Terris in the series is a smart know-it-all and is described as a casanova. He explained, “He’s a casanova, but that doesn’t mean he’s seeing multiple people at once, he just follows his heart.” Although he can be a bit of a show-off, Terris is very warm-hearted.


Are you ready to see more of these charming characters? Be sure to check out So Not Worth It when it premieres on June 18 at 3PM MYT, only on Netflix!

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