HOSPITAL PLAYLIST S2 & K-Sitcom SO NOT WORTH IT Prescribes Us A Comforting Dose Of Friendship

We’re no strangers to maintaining friendships while being physically apart. We’ve kept up to date with the latest happenings through Stories, sent each other memes and scheduled off the clock Zoom calls to mimic the good ol’ days of meeting up at the mamak.

This June, Netflix is prescribing us a comforting dose of friendship with the return of beloved slice-of-life series, Hospital Playlist, and the all new sitcom about life on campus with So Not Worth It.

Hospital Playlist S2 will be making its much-anticipated return of five doctors who have been friends since medical school and are now working at the same hospital. With all of the cliffhangers from the first season, we can’t wait to see what’s going on with all of the characters in the new season.

The five doctors all have their different specialties and personalities, but mesh perfectly as well-seasoned friends. There’s hepatologist Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok) who is goofy, caring, and absolutely adores his son. Pediatrician Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) is sacrificial and doesn’t care for materialistic things. Cardiothoracic surgeon Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho) appears gruff but is soft on the inside with quite a sweet tooth. Neurosurgeon Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) is a huge fan of camping and excels at everything except for singing. Lastly, we have obstetrician-gynecologist Yang Seok-hyeong (Kim Dae-myeung) who enjoys his alone time and dotes on his mother.

Expect more bickering, more delicious meals, and more band sessions with the five friends will be coming our way with the second season. From the creators of Reply 1988, you can expect funny and heartwarming tales surrounding the friends.

Hospital Playlist S2 premieres on 17 June at 10PM MYT with episodes every Thursday, only on Netflix.


So Not Worth It  introduces us to a group of quirky students in an international dormitory at a university in Seoul. Coming from different nationalities, native languages and backgrounds, we see the eight students figuring out life in Korea with days full of laughs, love and friendship.

Even though various troubles like assignments and part-time jobs cause them grief and make them wish the world would end, they live each day to its fullest. The students include the ever resourceful resident advisor Se-wan, innocuous handsome guy Jamie, Sam who is always boasting and bluffing, K-drama fan and fashionista Minnie, Hyun-min who is secretly living at the dormitory, Hans who is a stickler for rules, hot-tempered Carson, and casanova-esque Terris.

Prepared to be entertained by the relatable crew of characters that will have you reminiscing of the days of being a student.

So Not Worth It premieres on 18 June, only on Netflix.

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