Star studded line-up SEVENTEEN, WayV, Joker Xue and Angela Chang sing for Chinese esports drama “Falling Into Your Smile” OST

The long-awaited Chinese drama “Falling Into Your Smile” is slated to premiere globally from June 23 on Youku, WeTV, Line TV, Astro TV and more.

Starring Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao, the rom-com drama depicts the romance entanglement among young esports gamers in China and celebrates Gen Z youth empowerment. The global release of OST album with star studded line-up such as Seventeen, WayV, Joker Xue and Angala Chang is to follow shortly as the drama gears up for its first episode broadcast. NSMG has just released the official MV for the promotional song “Running to You” by Angela Chang today.

Directed by Qiu Zhongwei and produced by Kelsey Yang – the executive producer of “The Untamed” from NSMG, “Falling Into Your Smile” is a live-action adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Qing Mei.

It narrates the story of Tong Yao (played by Cheng Xiao) whose boyfriend is “taken away” from her due to esports. She then gets signed to be a professional esports gamer because of her stellar game results. She joins the team ZGDX and meets their leader Lu Sicheng (played by Xu Kai), battling side by side at tournaments and leading their team to victory while their feelings for each other begin to unravel.

Incorporating passionate dream pursuits and tooth-rotting romance, “Falling Into Your Smile” takes the story of youths breaking barriers and courageously chasing their dreams to your screen.

The OST album’s star studded line-up was revealed today by the drama’s official social media accounts, consisting of a total of 11 songs:

  • “Running to You” (逆着人群奔向你) by Angela Chang
  • “Facade” (被人) by Joker Xue
  • “Soulmate”  (第一默契) Duet Ver. by Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao
  • “Follow the Light” (追随光) by BonBon Girls 303’s Chen Zhuoxuan
  • Signs of You” (漾) by Zhai Xiaowen ft. FrankiD
  • “Heroes” by Air League Band
  • “Warrior” (逆燃) by SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, Jun, The 8, Mingyu, Vernon
  • “Everytime” by WayV
  • “Edge” (锋芒) by Naomi Wong
  • “Before Dawn” (明亮) by Gao Han
  • “Soulmate”  (第一默契) Solo Ver. by Lara Liang

From rock, rap, to pop ballads; from team tracks to sweet melodic love songs, this album follows two main themes – “breaking barriers” and “chasing dreams”.

In tournaments, there are twists and turns, wins and losses, shiny gleaming trophies as well as the shadow of defeated backs. The days and nights spent in training for the tournaments for their pursuit of dreams, the love/hate entanglement among young gamers, the album is the epitome of Chinese E-sports world.

This summer, with the drama airing and accompanying OST album release, the gamers’ stories will be seen and heard around the globe. Follow NSMG’s official social media pages for more updates.

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