Interview with Ji Jin-Hee, Yoon Se-Ah and Kim Hye-eun of The Road: Tragedy of One

Ji Jin-hee plays a popular anchorman who hides his coldblooded personality, in The Road: Tragedy of One.

Fans are describing tvN’s currently airing drama The Road: Tragedy of One as a less makjang version of Penthouse, with a murder mystery plot that also brings to mind 2018’s viral hit, Sky Castle. Starring A-list actors Ji Jin-hee (Move to Heaven, Designated Survivor: 60 Days), Yoon Se-ah (Snowdrop, Sky Castle), and Kim Hye-eun (Itaewon Class, Graceful Friends), The Road is receiving rave reviews for its plot that showcases the secrets, desires, guilt and (possible) salvation of residents who live at “Royal the Hill,” where only the top 1% reside.

Based on a Japanese novel of the same name by Rintaro Norizuki, Ji Jin-hee stars as beloved anchorman Baek Soo-hyun, who is married to chaebol and miniature artist Seo Eun-soo (Yoon Se-ah). Cha Seo-young (Kim Hye-eun) is a beautiful announcer who appears to have everything, but remains unsatisfied. The mysterious and tragic death of a child sets in motion a series of events – and we’re excited to watch until the end!

Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah and Kim Hye-eun answer a few questions for K-Popped! below:

Baek S00-hyun (Ji Jin-hee) points a rifle at his chaebol father-in-law, Seo Ki-tae (Cheon Ho-jin).

Q: Firstly, please share with us the reasons why you have chosen this drama and your characters.

Ji Jin-hee: I started this drama immediately after completing another one. When I received the script, I flipped it through non-stop with great interest. There were many things that raised my curiosity, it was very mysterious. I became curious of how it would end up so I finished reading the episodes one after another without realizing. But I doubted whether I would be able to do it because the character was very different from myself, it was a side that I had never shown before. But I met the director and was told more about it. He said he wanted to help me discover such a new side of myself so I was really happy about that and I willingly agreed to do it.

Yoon Se-ah: It was similar for me. The script was really interesting. Also, because the two actors whom I really trusted had agreed to be casted and that meant a lot to me. So we ended up working together and we are enjoying the production.

Kim Hye-eun: You thought I would also say that the script was interesting? Actually besides the script, the representative of the production team had reached out to me. We had a meeting first which developed my trust in it, so I made my choice because of the people before I saw the script. The script was really great too which made me happy about my choice to join the production.

Yoon Se-ah plays Seo Eun-soo, daughter of Jegang Group’s powerful chairman, and wife to Baek Soo-hyun.

Q: Have you done any special preparation for your characters?

Yoon Se-ah: Mental attitude. Physical strength.

Kim Hye-eun: This question is difficult, is it just me?

Yoon Se-ah: Your fashion!

Kim Hye-eun: Fashion?

Yoon Se-ah: You will meet a real fashionista Kim Hye-eun. I am looking forward to your fashion every time I meet you. How interesting will it be! You will get a big shock.

Ji Jin-hee: For me as a national anchor, I might need to behave like how an anchor does. But the thought that I shouldn’t portray the anchor’s professional side too much had convinced me more. I wanted to become an anchor who feels more easy-going. I was not very sure how to express that but I tried to.

Beautiful announcer Cha Seo-young (Kim Hye-eun) has it all, but it’s not enough.

Q: How was the atmosphere at the filming site? Any episode that you remember?

Yoon Se-ah: We always hold ourselves back for others at the filming site. In order to keep up our pace, we hold back even when we feel like joking with one another. Or when we feel like moving our butts and shoulders. Right?

Ji Jin-hee: Recently drama filming sites have become very different. In the past we could talk about a lot of things and filming atmosphere was very relax. Now we have a lot of restrictions. Basically, we are restricted to a 52-hour duration. There are conditions in the staffs’ contracts too. We can’t really explore anything else besides focusing on the filming. But like we mentioned just now, the happiness comes when our efforts pay off. Then we can bid farewell with a smile.

Yoon Se-ah: The two of them really cried and laughed together even when the camera was not on them. That was really touching. And we trusted and relied on each other during the filming.

Kim Hye-eun: I have an episode to say about Mr Ji Jin-hee. Recently there was a scene where the two of us went into a serious quarrel. We were smashing things in the dressing room and filming effortfully. But when my emotion went really overwhelming, I would feel breathless. Others might feel normal but I would blank out after filming such scenes. My part was over but I could not remember my next lines. He said just quickly carry on to me. What surprised me was that when the partner had an NG, he encouraged the partner to carry on after the NG. In order to not break up the flow, this made me feel how experienced he is as someone who has been working as main lead roles for a long time.

Yoon Se-ah: An actor who considers all the details. It will be interesting.

A mysterious and tragic incident on a rainy night sets a series of events in motion for the characters of The Road.

Q: Recently you have done many serious and strong characters. Do you prefer such genres or will you also consider comedies if any suggestion comes in?

Ji Jin-hee: I am always waiting for comedies. I have said so many times that I want to do one.

Yoon Se-ah: He is a really interesting person who likes to joke.

Ji Jin-hee: It will be a hit.

Yoon Se-ah: It will be really funny.

THE ROAD: TRAGEDY OF ONE (Express from Korea) is currently airing on tvN, every Thursday & Friday at 9.15pm.

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