4 Reasons To Catch Han So-hee in MY NAME

Han So-hee does a 180 degree turn in the ultimate revenge noir series.

You may know her as Yeo Da-kyung in The World of the Married and as the sweet Yu Na-bi starring alongside Song Kang in Nevertheless. In My Name, Han So-hee does a 180-degree turn as Jiwoo, who enters a criminal underworld and goes undercover as a police officer in order to find her father’s killer.

Watch Han So-hee as she leaves the world of luxury and comfort behind for bruises and bloodstains. It won’t be pretty but it will be an adventure that keeps you at the edge of your seat as she charges into the pursuit of revenge.

Check out the reasons why you should catch Han So-hee in My Name below:

1. Han So-hee as Jiwoo is everything

Jiwoo has had it tough since childhood, but her life takes a tragic turn when she witnesses her father’s murder on her 17th birthday. Feeling like she has no choice but to avenge her father, Jiwoo approaches her father’s long-time friend Mujin (Park Hee-soon) – the head of the largest drug ring in Korea – to help her find her father’s killer.

As her quest for revenge leads her down a dark path, watch as So-hee transforms from a damsel in distress to one of the most headstrong members of Mujin’s organisation.


2. Han So-hee gained 10kg of muscle for the role

Taking inspiration from female-led action films such as Atomic Blonde and The Old Guard, So-hee prepared for the physically demanding role by working with martial arts directors and even gained 10kg of muscle from all her training. The actress also carried around a knife so that she could get used to the feeling.


3. Han So-hee takes emotionally charged action scenes in her stride

Director Kim Jin-min wanted the action in the series to be realistic and reflect Jiwoo as an undercover agent who is risking her life. It needed to showcase the characters’ desperation to survive and it definitely came alive on screen. Watch as Han So-hee single-handedly takes down a group of bad guys with flair in the clip HERE.


4. Han So-Hee and Ahn Bo-Hyun’s on-screen chemistry

Jiwoo is transferred to the Narcotics Unit and ends up joining a sting operation to take down Mujin where she has to balance between investigating her own crime boss and maintaining her cover. This is where she meets ace detective Jeon Pildo (Ahn Bo-hyun) and they become partners. Their prickly relationship takes a surprising turn when the pair opens up about their past to each other. Watch as this friendship blooms with some trust and understanding.

Which of these reasons have you hooked? Don’t miss out when My Name is released on 15 October 2021, only on Netflix!

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