Kingdom Releases their third mini album “History of Kingdom : Part lll. Ivan”

After a short break, A 7 member K-Pop group, KINGDOM is returning with their awaited third mini album, [History of Kingdom : Part lll. Ivan]. This time, KINGDOM sings a mythical tale of the “Kingdom of Snow”. In the middle of an ongoing fierce battle between the good and evil, IVAN, the hero of the Kingdom of Snow, is forced to lean on the power of absolute evil for the sake of his kingdom. The title track, BLACK CROWN, refers to the power of absolute evil. Ivan is trapped in the relentless confrontation between good and evil.,

BLACK CROWN was produced by AllRN:D, a talented producer duo who made the title tracks of the two previous albums of KINGDOM. Other than BLACK CROWN and its instrumental, the album has five more tracks, including songs produced by the members- Dann and Mujin, who once again took part in composing and writing their own songs.

[History of Kingdom : Part lll. Ivan] was released on October 21, 6pm(KST). It is released in two versions- FATE ver. and CHAOS ver. Each version contains different photos of the members, as well as a map of the fictional world of KINGDOM. Yet the map in each version is only half of the whole; putting two versions together, you get the full worldview.



1. Legacy Of Hatred

2. Black Crown

3. Fallen Star

4. We Are

5. Burn

6. On Air

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