Meet The Main Faces Of MY NAME and Find Out Why It Will Be Your Next Binge-Worthy K-Drama

An action noir like no other, peppered with twists and turns of revenge and betrayal, My Name is the first-ever Netflix series invited to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), and we can totally see why.

Starring Han So-hee, Park Hee-soon, Ahn Bo-hyun, Kim Sang-ho, Lee Hak-ju and Jang Yull, come meet their characters and find out why this k-drama will be your next binge-worthy watch!

1. Han So-hee kills it as tough cookie, Jiwoo.

Han So-hee is back – this time breaking away from her usual portrayal of feminine characters as we’ve seen in Nevertheless and The World of the Married, to show us her tough side. Her character Jiwoo is a woman who finds herself in a crime ring and as an undercover in the police force as she seeks revenge on her father’s killer.

Director Kim Jin-min shared how audiences can expect intense emotions to surface “when a person who abandons her identity for the sake of revenge comes face to face with the truth about someone whom she trusted with her life”.

Why you need to watch it: While action noirs and stories of espionage are traditionally dominated by men, My Name flips the genre on its head by fronting a young female lead, making the series a breath of fresh air.


2. Ahn Bo-hyun wins hearts as reliable partner in crime, Pildo.

Ahn Bo-hyun left a memorable impression on many thanks to his striking role (and hair colour) in Itaewon Class. Ahn Bo-hyun plays the role of Pildo, Jiwoo’s partner who is the top cop in the narcotics division and a man of unbending principles.

Through My Name, he shows an even broader spectrum of acting, conveying Pildo’s stern and intense expressions as a principled perfectionist, while expressing the subtle changes of his heart as he partners up with Jiwoo – all in perfect balance.

Why you need to watch it: Ahn Bo-hyun and Han So-hee’s convincing on-screen chemistry and how their characters build trust over time.


3. Kim Sang-ho makes us root for him as the mastermind behind the Drug Investigation Unit, Giho.

Another veteran actor we’re familiar with is Kim Sang-ho, seen most recently in the Netflix historical horror-thriller Kingdom. He delivers a solid performance yet again by adding depth to his character in My Name, Giho, the chief of the Drug Investigation Unit who wants to capture Mujin before retirement.

Why you need to watch it: Kim Sang-ho portrays Giho as a tough team leader with piercing insight and carefully chosen words, and his charisma on-screen is just mesmerising to watch.


4. Park Hee-soon keeps us on our toes as mysterious kingpin, Mujin.

Park Hee-soon is a veteran actor with a firm standing amongst noir genre fans, having won the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards for the Best Supporting Actor (Film) in 1987: When the Day Comes. In My Name, he plays Mujin, who heads the country’s largest drug ring, the Dongcheon cartel.

After the death of his friend Donghoon (Yun Gyeong-ho), whom he trusted like a brother, Mujin accepts Donghoon’s daughter Jiwoo into the organisation and leads her as she goes undercover into the police force. Although Mujin seemingly does everything in his power to protect Jiwoo from harm, he remains a veiled character who piques viewers’ curiosity more and more with each episode.

Why you need to watch it: Park Hee-soon referred to the action in the series as “action with emotion”, as what differentiates this kind of action from those seen in other productions is the motivation behind the moves — arising from each of the characters’ unique traits and genuine emotions.


5. Lee Hak-ju impresses as right-hand man, Taeju.

Lee Hak-ju built his filmography on stage and in indie films before moving on to works such as Be Melodramatic and The World of the Married. Through these roles, Lee has proven time and time again his ability to become one with his characters. In My Name, he transforms himself into Taeju, Mujin’s most trusted right-hand man and second-in-command of the Dongcheon cartel.

Why you need to watch it: Lee Hak-ju shows Taeju’s complex emotions through his eyes and facial expressions, delivering an impressive portrayal of a torn person walking the fine line between good and evil.


6. Jang Yull leaves a mark as rogue cartel member, Gangjae.

Jang Yull has made a name for himself in the theater world, and he is broadening his range into small and big screens. He further establishes himself with mainstream audiences in My Name as ambitious Dongcheon cartel member, Gangjae, who returns for vicious payback after being ousted for causing trouble.

Jang lost over twenty pounds during the filming to visually mark the changes that occurred in his character and to contrast the beginning of the series to the end. Jang’s passion and dedication in his intense portrayal of Gangjae will leave a strong impression with the viewers.

Why you need to watch it: Jang teases out both the spectacular and the detailed changes in this character, shaping him to be an ever-evolving person consumed by strong emotions.

Which character are you most excited to watch?  Catch them in My Name when it is released on 15 October 2021, only on Netflix!

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