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[Press Conference] The Cast of The King’s Affection talks about their chemistry and more

On October 8,we were invited to the online press conference for the upcoming drama “The King’s Affection”, attended by producing director (PD) Song Hyun Wook, and actors Park Eun Bin, SF9’s Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, VICTON’s Choi Byung Chan, Bae Yoon Kyung and DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon.

“The Kings’s Affection” is a historical drama that tells the story of a female who disguises herself as crown Prince Lee Hwi after the death of her twin brother, played by Park Eun Bin. Rowoon plays Jung Ji Un; Prince Lee Hwi’s teacher and love interest, Nam Yoon Su as Lee Hyun; a member of the royal family, while Choi Byung Chan plays Kim Ga On; Prince Lee Hwi’s mysterious body guard. Bae Yoon Kyung, who is no stranger to historical dramas plays Shin So Eun; the daughter of the Minister of Internal Affairs, and Jung Chae Yeon plays Noh Ha Kyung; the daughter of the Minister of War.

The Prince and her affection

“This story is about a king who is not included in historical records, a story about a female king who has to conceal her identity as a female. It’s a romance series set in a palace rife with political conflicts. There’s not only romance but also action and humor.” said PD Song Hyun Wook. He added that the casting was tricky in the beginning as the lead actress needs to make it believable as a prince, and Park Eun Bin showed confidence from the start.”

Park Eun Bin as Prince Lee Hwi

He continued, “As for Rowoon, I’ve seen his previous works and I saw that he was very cool and masculine. But Jung Ji Un (Rowoon’s character) is more than that, he’s humorous, witty, fearless, and daring. He also has a painful past related to his family. I was a bit concerned whether he could pull off the complex role, but when we first met and talked for an hour. After I cast him, I was surprised by the fact that he was so tall. Due to that, I had to cast actors who were similar in height – if it doesn’t the rivalry might not be reflected well on screen.”

Rowoon as Jung Ji Un

“With Nam Yoon Su, I was impressed after seeing him in the Netflix series Extracurricular. At our meeting, his smile was just so attractive. I told him he should smile a lot on set because he’s so attractive and his smile would blow the audience away.”

Nam Yoon Su as Lee Hyun

When asked about the drama, Park Eun Bin said “The ending of each episode will make you wait for the next episode.” She also added that “I’m also very lucky to have a good partner.He’s very serious about his acting and puts a lot of thought into it. He was very reliable and I can confidently say that our chemistry is the best” when asked about working with Rowoon.

Rowoon “The circumstances of the moment were naturally reflected in our acting. I think this synergy was possible because I had such a great partner on set. I think Eun-bin’s a very great actor and I’m very lucky to work beside her.”

Jung Chae Yeon as Noh Ha Kyung


Bae Yoon Kyung as Shin So Eun

When asked about why fans should watch the drama, Nam Yoon Su said “I think a key element that you should look out for is the fact that every actor plays their character really well.” Choi Byung Chan added “I think the secret of Ga On is something to look out for.” While Bae Yoon Kyung said “All the characters are related closely to each other and they have feelings of affection for each other.”

Choi Byung Chan as Kim Ga On

“The King’s Affection” premieres on October 11, on Netflix. Don’t forget to check out the teaser here.

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