K-series Jirisan has it all, from heart wrenching drama and suspense to fashion and music

Brace yourselves as episodes five and six of Jirisan are here, dishing fans more drama as its main stars were put to the test with more trials ahead of them. Filled with mystery after mystery, these two episodes were literally explosive as more light is shed into the mysterious bombings with a possibility that Jirisan lights up in a merciless blaze.

Episode 5

In this episode, Seo Yi-gang (Gianna Jun) was seen facing off with a bombing suspect while Kang Hyun-jo (Ju Ji-hoon) was caught up in an intense action-packed chase. Not forgetting the park ranger team’s administrative executive Lee Yang-sun’s (Ju Min-gyung) fate after venturing up the dangerous Jirisan alone, while seemingly keeping a secret.

Here, Jun also has a tense confrontation with the bombing suspect, who has five scratch marks on the back of his hand. Remember this suspect who was revealed in the previous episode? Well, viewers can end their guessing game and find out if he is in fact the murderer. In a sneak peek into episode five, there was also a suspicious person who sent a message which read – “Someone discovered our business”. Could this person be the mastermind behind the deaths and mysteries on Jirisan? What business could that person be referring to?

As Jun and Ju race against time to uncover the mysteries behind the murders, they are also desperately searching for another bomb which is yet to be detonated. As revealed in the trailer, one out of the three bombs that disappeared is yet to be found, making it an intense life or death mission.


Episode 6

Following the action-packed episode five, Jirisan continued with Ju narrowly escaping death after he came into contact with an explosive trap just as Jun jumped to his rescue. It was also revealed that Ju is now the target of the killer, who wrote his name in the killer’s ‘notebook of death’. This notebook contains grim information of victim names, where and how they were murdered, along with the identity of the next victim.

In the 2018 timeline, the park ranger team made a shocking discovery that it was villager Lee Se-wook who planted the explosives and attempted to poison his relative Lee Yang-sun but fortunately the murderous plan was foiled. As Se-wook tried to make a run for it, he died along the way, taking his motives and mysteries to the grave with him. This left more unresolved mysteries and questions as the crisis on Jirisan remains, and its mastermind still at large.

While on duty on Christmas day, an assault left Oh Jung-se and Jun unconscious while Ju bravely caught the suspect. With all this happening and more, Ju foretold that Jirisan may be engulfed in a merciless blaze.

On the love front, Jun met her first love from years ago once again. Played by Son Suk-ko (In Cheol-gyung), Jun and Son’s characters once shared an ambiguous friendship but ultimately Jun decided to let go of the relationship upon finding out that he is married.

Wondering who played young Jun in this episode? It was played by Kim Do-yeon, who they affectionately called ‘Little Gianna Jun’ due to the striking resemblance.


Music and Fashion on Jirisan

These action-packed episodes will also be a special treat for all BTS fans out there as the South Korean pop sensation’s team member Jin sings the main theme song, which is set to debut. BTS fans, also known as BTS ARMY, will be able to enjoy the song which will be featured in specific scenes to give viewers a more holistic immersive viewing experience.

Meanwhile, Ju shared with fans all the hard work he has done physically in order to get ready for the scenes in these episodes. He cycled to the various shooting locations and also worked hard to channel the spirit-like form of his character emotionally and mentally.

“Although it was a very tiring process but I also experienced many things which is useful to my character on the route up the mountain. These scenes had to also be delivered through my eyes and expression rather than just reading out lines. So, to avoid exaggeration or a lack of emotion, I focused on channeling the right expression for each scene,” he said.

While Ju focuses on being physically and mentally ready for his character, Jun on the other hand dazzled in her stylish look and timeless beauty that has captivated audiences and has since created a social buzz. Without any need for elaborate outfits, Jun captivated fans by pulling off a diverse set of styles effortlessly, from uniforms to mountaineering, athletics to casual wear.

Many has been drawn to Jun in her formal park ranger uniform and formal military suit complete with a shirt and tie. Aside from that, Jun has also been seen patrolling Jirisan and its surrounding in grace, wearing mountaineering outfits accompanied by trekking poles, a walkie-talkie and other equipment.

As her character’s daily routine is carried out in the mountains and woods, her athleisure outfits capture her athletic frame and posture perfectly, even when the 172cm tall actress is clad in a simple casual hoodie. She looks chic and hip, with her long locks which is either tied up in a ponytail or let loose to frame her face.

To further showcase her natural beauty, Jun is often filmed in light or no make-up, letting her beauty speak for itself. Even when dressed in simple shirts and jeans, her youthfulness and gracefulness elevate the simplest of looks, ringing true to the saying that less is more.

Jirisan is an iQiyi original Korean drama starring Jun and Ju, created by director Lee Eung-bok (Descendants of the Sun, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) and written by Kim Eun-hee (Signal, Kingdom). Jirisan follows a team of national park rangers who carries out search and rescue missions on Jirisan while also uncovering secrets and mysteries of the peak. The series exclusively airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm (MYT) on iQiyi International app or iQ.com worldwide.

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