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[Press Conference] Lee Seung Gi, KAI, Heechul and More On Upcoming Netflix Show – New World

What do you get when you put several variety show veterans in a room? CHAOS! On November 17, the casts of Netflix’s upcoming variety show “New World” assembled for an online press conference. With the lively atmosphere shown by the casts, it was evidence that the six celebrities “bonded” during their stay on the island.

New World casts

The show, premiering November 20, stars Lee Seung Gi, Super Junior’s Heechul, EXO’s KAI, Park Na Rae, SECHSKIES Eun Ji Won and actress Jo Bo Ah. The six celebrities were put on a utopia for six days where they go through survival missions, competitions, and forge alliances and betrayals. The series are led by producing director Cho Hyo Jin, known for creating Running Man and produced by Company SangSang, the production company behind the Busted! series and Twogether.

Lee Seung Gi
Seung Gi, who has worked in several shows with Ji Won, said that he was comfortable filming with him and didn’t feel any pressure of doing villainous things with or next to him as he was confident that Ji Won would have the same thoughts. “I had faith that Ji Won would be good at betraying people, and that whatever he says would definitely not be the truth.” In that, Ji Won responded “It was fun working with Lee Seung Gi again. I thought that he’d go easy on me and would be on my side, but disappointingly, he does not.”

Park Na Rae
Park Na Rae recalls the first time she met the producing director, where she was asked, “If you were to live in a world of your dreams, what do you want to do?” She replied “That would cost a lot of money”, but they said “Don’t worry, we’ll make it happen”, and it makes my heart pounding. “I can see the large scale of the program”.

Talking about the large scale of the program, Seung Gi goes on to mention about the houses that they live in on the island. Some of the houses were exquisite while some were not. There were a lot of interesting things in Na Rae and Bo Ah’s house.

KAI mentioned that he learned a lot about his own personality while spending time on the filming of the show. “I felt like I discovered a new ‘me’. I thought that rather than just participating in a variety show, I’d be able to experience a new an different world.” “I also learned a lot from Lee Seung Gi. I learned a lot about life and betrayal… how trust is always a huge risk. Particularly from Seung Gi, I learned a lot how to act in variety shows.”

Jo Bo Ah

When asked about her feelings regarding the show, Bo Ah replied “Like KAI mentioned about his personality, I was concerned that my hidden personality will show”, and Seung Gi added that “If Bo Ah was not here, I don’t think the show would be fun. She is like the anchor of the show, everyone needed her vote to win the games. So you can see a totally new side to her – which is a compliment.”

Heechul who was in several variety shows commented that it was his first time filming at a place without a roof and he had so much fun, even the chemistry among the casts were good. He then added that the production team jokingly told him that there are several surprises in the show, and if the uncut version were released, everyone wouldn’t be friends anymore – referring to the betrayals that happened during the show.

New World

New World premieres on Netflix on November 20. If you haven’t checked out the trailer, watch it here!

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