Show Window: The Queen’s House

All women dream to become a Queen

Show Window: The Queen’s House is a 16-episode mystery melodrama starring Song Yoon-ah (Graceful Friends, Secret Mother, The K2, Assembly), Jeon So-min (Running Man, Top Star Yoo-Baek, Something About 1%, Princess Aurora), Lee Sung-jae (Diary of a Prosecutor, Secret Healer, The King’s Face, The Suspicious Housekeeper) and Hwang Chansung (So I Married The Anti-Fan, Vincenzo, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, My Horrible Boss). This drama is about a woman who supports the adultery of another woman, without knowing that the affair is with her own husband.

Han Sun-joo’s (Song Yoon-ah) leads a perfect life where she is married to Shin Myung-seob (Lee Sung-jae). Sun-joo helps her husband succeed at the company which her mother runs, and also tries to raise their children well. Myung-seob came from a poor background and was in a bad financial situation before their marriage. His life transformed drastically after he
married Sun-joo. Myung-seob is now respected at work. He is a good husband and father, but then he meets Yoon Mi-ra (Jeon So-min) and becomes attracted to her. Mi-ra is a woman who always goes after the things she wants without thinking of consequences. While Mi-ra is Myung-seob’s secret lover, she is also Sun-joo’s close friend. Meanwhile, Han Jung-won
(Chan-sung) is Sun-joo’s younger brother. He has a warm heart and is nice to Sun-joo.

Song Yoon-ah will impress everyone with her veteran acting skills as the queen of her perfect family, who carries herself with both elegance and confidence. Lee Sung-jae portrays the sweet and gentle husband who succumbed to the passion towards a new woman in his life with his experienced acting skills. Contrast to her usual cute and lovable image, Jeon So-min takes on a seductive role who has an affair with her friend’s husband. Chan-sung plays Sunjoo’s younger brother who is bright and kind, and relies on his older sister a lot.

This will be Jeon So-min’s full drama comeback in almost 3 years since Top Star Yoo-Baek. She took on the challenge of going through a complete image change as she surprised fans with a shocking transformation. Jeon So-min is raising anticipation as she has received much love for her quirky and cute character on entertainment programs such as Running Man and Sixth Sense. Many fans are looking forward to the mistress character she will be playing in this upcoming mystery drama.

Show Window: The Queen’s House will premiere on K-PLUS starting 30 November 2021, Tuesday at 9.15pm SGT. New episodes will air weekly on every Tuesday & Wednesday at 9.15pm SGT.

K-PLUS is available on: USEETV Indihome, DENSTV, MAXstream, Astro GO, UnifiTV, Cignal, SKY Cable, CableLink.

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