5 Mysteries From The Silent Sea We Want Answers To After Watching The Trailer

The Silent Sea’s Deadly Mission will Uncover the Darkest Secrets of the Moon

With 10% Odds of Survival, Team Members Are Murdered One by One at the Abandoned  Research Station, Balhae

The first Korean science fiction mystery thriller series on Netflix, The Silent Sea, is a story set in the near future of an elite team on a special mission to an abandoned research base on the moon, as resource depletion has devastated the Earth and do we have some questions!

To start it off, we know that all life on Earth is threatened due to resource depletion. Korea’s Space and Aeronautics Administration finds the answer to the survival of mankind and plans another moon exploration mission led by an elite team comprised of astrobiologist Song Jian (Bae Doona), team leader Han Yunjae (Gong Yoo), head engineer Ryu Taesuk (Lee Joon), team doctor Doc Hong (Kim Sun-young), head of security Gong Soohyuk (Lee Mu-saeng), and spacecraft pilot Kim Heesun (Lee Sung-wook).

Their destination is Balhae Lunar Research Station, which closed down 5 years ago due to an accident. They take off with the important mission to “retrieve an important sample in the station and return to earth,” but are faced with an immense challenge as their spaceship makes a crash-landing on the moon. 

Here are 5 mysteries we need answers to pronto!


Song Jian
Doc Hong

Why did the world’s annual rainfall hit another low point and was it caused by pollution? Another major question we have is, do we still have oceans?


2. Why is an astrobiologist needed to retrieve a sample?

Song Jian

Couldn’t a team of astronauts and/or government officials do so? Is there more to Balhae Lunar Research Station than they’re letting on?


3. Did we just see dead bodies?

Han Yunjae

Who are those people and how did they die? Is it even safe for the current team to head there if it’s that dangerous?


4. Are we really not going to talk about the scenes with the mysterious bio-signal and the guy that puked probably 5 litres of water?

Song Jian
Han Yunjae

What is happening?!


5. Will they reveal what the important sample is?

Director Choi
Kim Jaesun

The mission does seem very dangerous and the trailer hints that the government had something to do with it. Are they retrieving a sample that could possibly change their lives or be used as a weapon of mass destruction?

We know you can’t wait ‘cause neither can we. Find out the answers to these mysteries in The Silent Sea, coming to Netflix this 24 December 2021. 

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