All Eyes are on iQiyi’s Highly-Anticipated Brand New Original K-Series Bad and Crazy

iQiyi original K-series Bad and Crazy finally makes its long-awaited debut. Starring heartthrobs Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Jun, the global premiere of its first two episodes last Friday and Saturday received overwhelming response, leaving viewers hooked on and wanting more. Produced by the team behind The Uncanny Counter, producers certainly know how to capture the hearts of its female audiences who undeniably fell in love with the lead actors.

In the first episode itself, it began with a dashing Lee who plays Ryu Suyeol a corrupt police officer, getting caught in a fierce boxing brawl and subsequently was seen removing his clothes in a sauna room to reveal his muscular six-pack abs. However, viewers also got a glimpse of the other side of Lee, where he was beaten several times by a mysterious man in a helmet named K, played by Wi. He was also wrestled to the ground by his ex-girlfriend Lee Hui Gyeom (played by Han Ji-eun), and was forced to jump off a building on fire.

Lee, whose character is always on a mission to get promoted, was seen promising his supervisor that he would help the councilman appease police officer O Gyeongtae (played by Cha Hak Yeon), after he was attacked by the councilman’s cousin. The very enthusiastic and responsible Cha was attacked while on a highly suspicious case of a missing single mother. While searching her place, he was stopped and beaten by the councilman’s cousin. Cha was then rescued by Lee and Wi, after getting his hands on a memory card with mysterious video clips inside.

Lee and Wi were also in on the single mother’s case as they sought to identify clues in her ashes to prove it was indeed a homicide. Lee discovered later on that the single mother was in fact murdered by the councilman, from a video that Cha found. Lee, who attempted to destroy the evidence just to get a promotion, had his plans foiled by Wi who then says to Lee, “I take down useless and hopeless scumbags.” In the subsequent scene, Wi was seen at the police station where he jumped and kicked the councilman. Lee also kicked the councilman in front of everyone, further proving Wi and Lee’s strong bond and how Wi influences Lee to do the right thing.

In both episodes, Wi can be seen kicking and punching Lee to give him wake-up calls whenever he goes rogue and overlooks injustice. Also known as the “walking justice”, Wi shows his patient and ethical side in one of the scenes. He was riding on his motorcycle with Lee as they encountered a grandma crossing the street with a walking cane. As most would simply speed past her, Wi immediately pushed on his brakes to let her cross.

In a preview to episode 3, Lee and Wi continue with their bickering as they join forces to continue investigating the missing single mother’s case. In the midst of all the fighting and mystery, Bad and Crazy never fails to deliver comedy and more action-packed scenes.

Bad and Crazy promises a drama filled with action, dark comedy, suspense and crime, and is set to take viewers on an entertaining ride. It also tells a story about how the main casts revive humanity. New episodes are set to exclusively simulcast with Korea on Fridays and Saturdays at 9.50pm (SGT) globally across 191 territories on the iQiyi International app and www.iQ.com.

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