Meet Krystal Jung, the new 2021 Global Brand Spokesperson and Brand Muse of AHC

Krystal Jung sat down with the media in an exclusive virtual meet and greet on 3rd December 2021 to share her personal beauty journey as well as working with the AHC brand. She had recently been appointed by AHC, Korea’s No.1 Aesthetic Skincare Brand as their new global brand spokesperson, joining a group of elite trailblazers such as Son Ye Jin, Anne Hathaway and Aimee Song.

  • I’ve learned that part of AHC’s vision is to make Gangnam aesthetic spa experiences and results accessible to all women and I think this vision makes AHC more special. People can experience amazing results at home just by owning their own AHC products!– Krystal on becoming AHC’s brand ambassador

Krystal is no foreign name in the Korean entertainment scene. Bursting into the scene as a member of f(x) in 2009, she was the visual center and lead vocalist of the popular quintet girl group. Having successfully navigated the competitive K-Pop scene, she has moved on to acting with a number of hit dramas and films in her repertoire. Safe to say that she has achieved a lot, even at her young age of 27, and so everyone is curious as to how she has managed to care for herself amidst her busy schedule. Kicking things off, Krystal revealed that she used to follow all sorts of beauty trends but now tries to stick to what works, and as such, her skincare routine has gotten a lot simpler and more targeted.

“Lately, I’m into retinol anti-aging products such as the Eye Cream for Face and the Youth Focus Range by AHC”. 

Krystal managed to divulge her 3 beauty “not-so” secrets during the exclusive media and greet, which you may want to note:

    1. Relaxationtry not to be stressed out
    2. Hydrationdrink a lot of water
    3. Any of the AHC Eye Cream for Face products, which are very effective and highly recommendable.

For the uninitiated, Krystal introduced the 3 core AHC products which have been instrumental in delivering and maintaining her glowing, healthy skin.

Luminous Glow Eye Cream For Face – developed with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Gluta-I (™) Complex,  proven to  brighten skin and reduce wrinkles in 14 days.

Essential Real Eye Cream For Face – a powerful and highly concentrated Eye Cream For Face, formulated with 12 natural peptides and 7 patented vegetable protein moisturizers to give your skin a healthy glow.

Age Defense Real Eye Cream For Face -to fight 7 signs of aging in 7 days as it uses Gold Peptive (™), with particles made to be 1/300 of the size of a human pore for a faster, more effective absorption.

When asked about whether she is a fan of facial masks, Krystal replied that she is due to their convenience. “I make sure I take them with me when I travel especially on plane trips or long car rides. The AHC masks hydrates my skin quickly and the hydration goes for a long period of time“.

In terms of skincare advice, Krystal mentioned that she tries to follow the advice of professionals and uses products that are clinically proven. Due to how stressful things can be during these days with the pandemic, in maintaining a healthy mind and healthy skin, Krystal discloses that it is important to take some time off and focus on yourself. Not just in terms of skincare but also relaxation and charging your mental battery so that you do not get burnt out. Krystal also elaborated on how she recreated a quaint little spa corner she made for herself at home for this very reason.

  • I want to tell you about the experience I had at the new AHC Gangnam spa. You would love their spa rooms. I felt so relaxed and calm with all those warm lights, soothing music and some rooms have jacuzzis! So I tried to recreate that at home. It doesn’t have to be luxurious. I just made sure that the space is warm and cozy and once I light up the candle, I start my skincare routine.”
    – Krystal on her at-home spa corner

Throughout the media session, it was clear that Krystal has bloomed into a confident force of nature from her younger K-Pop days and emphasized that beautiful skin comes from within, resonating with the beauty philosophy that AHC advocates: beauty is not a destination, but a beautiful journey.

You can click here to find out more about AHC’s skincare products!

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