Zion.T Releases “A Gift!” New Single & M/V

Singer and songwriter, Zion.T wanted to give his fans a present for the holidays in the form of a new song entitled “A Gift!” which is a jazzy, soulful, soft-pop ballad with touching lyrics. “A Gift!” provides warm comfort and sympathy to soothe a lonely heart to end the year and establish itself as a Christmas love song.

Zion.T reconnected with long-time producers, PEEJAYJUNU PARK, and Seokcheol Yun who he has previously worked with to reunite on “A Gift!”. Zion.T also participated in writing and composing the song himself, adding his sincerity to the music.
“A Gift!” comes out on the heels of the success of Zion.T’s appearance on the hip-hop survival hit show, “Show Me The Money 10” for which he was a judge and producer. Zion.T once again showed his ability to produce hits as contestant SOKODOMO’s “Merry Go Round” featuring Zion.T and Wonstein has captivated listeners and remains on top of major domestic music charts more than a month after its release. The success of the show led to Zion.T wanting to gift his fans with a new song and music video that came together in just a few weeks in the form of “A Gift!”.
This is Zion.T’s first release since the collaboration with Gen Hoshino on “Nomad” for the Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Soundtrack and expectations are high as to what he will convey with this new song to end a memorable year.
Zion.T is an originator while simultaneously being one of the most commercially successful artists in South Korea.
He has been nominated for “Artist of the Year”, not once but twice, as his song’s honest, personal nature made him a musical icon. He is a singer and producer best known for his ability to flawlessly blend his distinctive voice with elements of hip hop, R&B, soul, jazz and pop.

Zion.T made his musical debut collaborating with top Korean artists Simon D, Gray, Beenzino and Dok2 which culminated into his first album, “Red Light” which won “Best R&B & Soul Album” at the Korean Music Awards.

Upon the release of “Yanghwa BRDG”, Zion.T cemented himself as an innovator and elevated him to a top star in Korea landing on Forbes “Korea Power Celebrity” list. This led to collaborations with G-Dragon, PSY and SHINee’s Jonghyun and a string of back-to-back smash hits in “Eat”, “ No Makeup” and the duet with Crush, “Just” which won “Best Collaboration” at the Mnet Music Awards.

His latest EP “OO” landed him 12 award nominations including “Song of the Year” and “Album of the Year”, and his artistry has led to touring all over the world including SXSW in the US to solo concerts in Europe and Asia.

Zion.T has garnered the attention of major global brands such as LG, Maxim Coffee & Volkswagen and continues to pave the way to set new standards in music as a solo artist.


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