Bad and Crazy Heartthrobs Put to the Foreign Language Test

Cast members of the well-loved iQiyi original series Bad and Crazy were in for an educational experience as they played a game of ‘Guess That Foreign Word’ recently. In a bid to be more relatable and get closer to their international fans, four of the cast members – Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Jun, Cha Hak Yeon and Han Ji Eun were put to the test as they tried guessing the meaning of a few foreign words from various languages like Bahasa Melayu, Indonesian, Mandarin, Filipino, Vietnamese, Arabic and Thai.

Filled with comedic puns and jokes, this short eight-minute clip is set to get fans tickled with laughter as cast members attempt to guess all the right answers based on a series of multiple-choice answers. Filled with confidence and determination to emerge the winner, Han and Cha were very quick to answer some of the questions.

When asked to guess what is ‘crazy’ in Filipino, all the guys appeared perplexed and clueless while Han guessed the right answer immediately without batting an eye. Lee was so impressed by Han that he called her the ‘hidden language prodigy’. Han’s language prowess continued to shine when she guessed what a motorcycle was called in Vietnamese correctly. Before shouting out her answer, Han tried convincing her friends that her choice is the right one, but to no avail. Lee, who claimed to have heard of the word before, was not convinced either.

Being two points up in the game, Lee, Wi and Cha desperately wanted to catch-up with Han. To this, Cha saw an opening and immediately jumped at the chance to score a point by attempting to guess the Indonesian word for ‘I Love You’. The ever-confident Cha who claimed to know the answer to this phrase ended up getting it wrong on his first try. He jumped upon hearing the phrase – ‘aku cinta makan’ as he knew the word cinta meant love. After being ridiculed by fellow cast members, especially by Lee, a flushed and embarrassed Cha redeemed himself by guessing it correct on his second try.

When it came to Bahasa Melayu for the word ‘bad’, Lee said to look out for short sounding words as that could possibly be the right answer. The four answer choices given were Jahat (bad), Pahat (chisel), Lekat (stick) and Pekat (concentrated liquid). Armed with confidence, Lee shouted that the answer was pekat. “I think that is the answer as the nuance of the word seemed ordinary,” said Lee, much to his disappointment. Out of nowhere Cha seized the opportunity and hurriedly chose pahat which was also wrong. Lee got it right in the end on his second try.

Seeing as how Bad and Crazy is also filled with bromance scenes between Lee and Wi, it seemed crucial that the cast members knew what bromance was called in Chinese. For this, the answers were read out to them by one of the crew members from behind the cameras. With the answers sounding somewhat similar, the stumped casts moved on to try analysing the facial expression and intonation of how the phrases were said instead. However, all of them got it wrong but Lee’s analytical skills earned him some bragging rights. Lee guessed what the word lovers is, leaving Cha, Han and Wi impressed by his newfound analytical skills.

At the end of it, Han emerged the winner with three points in total where she was also given the title ‘Queen of Foreign Languages’ by Lee, who scored two points. Wi and Cha on the other hand only got one point each.

iQiyi’s latest original K-series Bad and Crazy that made its debut on 17th December, stars heartthrobs Lee, Wi and supporting cast members Han and Cha. Produced by the team behind The Uncanny Counter, Bad and Crazy promises a drama filled with action, dark comedy, suspense and crime, and is set to take viewers on an entertaining ride. It also tells a story about how the main casts revive humanity.

Lee who plays Ryu Su Yeol, is a police inspector looking to get ahead in life while Wi plays crazy ‘K’, who is crazy yet righteous and not afraid to uphold justice. After shooting to international fame in Squid Game by acting as the cop, Wi’s character strives to fight injustice solely with his fists. Han on the other hand plays a hot-blooded narcotics officer, Lee Hui Gyeom, who is fearless and can throw strong kicks and punches. Cha on the other hand, plays a kind junior police officer O Gyeong Tae, who is courageous and will not think twice when dealing with tough situations.

New episodes are set to exclusively simulcast with Korea on Fridays and Saturdays at 9.50pm (SGT) globally across 191 territories on the iQiyi International app and

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