Introducing The FIRST short-form BTS-centric music and news podcast: Speak with BTS Expert Sylvia Park

From Snippet.FM, the world’s first “short-form podcast network,” with podcasts 20 minutes or less, comes the new show, BTS7, the Western Hemisphere’s first music-and-talk centered BTS-only show.

Yes, there are other BTS podcasts, so what sets this apart?

The difference is BTS7 will dive deeper into the now eight-year multifaceted catalog of BTS. It will examine deep tracks, musical collaborations, solo releases, lesser-known facts and figures, lyrical analysis, great moments in history, and more. With BTS7two ARMY experts bring over a decade’s worth of knowledge of the BTS sensation in quick, easy-to-digest 20-minute snippets, bringing a bilingual perspective and including full songs in their entirety mixed with BTS news to podcasting for the first time.

The podcast is co-hosted by DJ Randi Lavik, the first American to dedicate an entire FM radio show with BTS music (The Drop on KX FM 104.7).

When hit BTS songs infiltrated mainstream American radio, DJ Lavik dug deep, playing lesser-heard tracks, B-sides, and early releases from the multi-platinum K-Pop group,” says Slyvia Park, BTS7 co-host.

BTS is a Three-Generational-Family Affair for Park, having been introduced to the group by both her father and very young son in 2016.  Professionally, Park works with community-based organizations specializing in counseling the at-risk/vulnerable and underserved within the Asian American Pacific Islander population in Orange County, Southern California. Along with Lavik, Park can provide insightful commentary on the significance of BTS’ influence in the West based on her own personal experiences as a Korean American woman and advocate for the AAPI community.

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