Top 5 Most Memorable Moments in SNOWDROP

The Femme Fatale

The opposing sides’ spy and agent – Kang Cheo Ya and Jang Hanna, did not disappoint with their actions, showing multiple abilities from changing themselves like chameleons and charisma in controlling situations. Even when it comes to romance, both of them are taking the lead with no hesitation or else the man they wanted would flee from their grip! There is a short scene where there is a showdown due to misunderstanding between the two and it has potential to be extended but I guess that would take too much of the plotline! Oh, both are also almost cold-blooded when handling the men they like.

Makjang Moments

Every episode, the anticipation for the presidential hopeful’s wives to appear is always there. Once they take the screen, it is hard to not be played with emotions when they start doing their thing. The way they communicate, the way they think and when they get manipulated by the most obvious things, are so entertaining! A fun roller coaster ride for those who like judging people’s choices. Oh, come on. We know you like seeing high and mighty characters suffer a bit later. You can be honest, it’s part of the reason why makjang in Korean drama exists and it’s highly satisfying to follow.


The Love Birds

It had to be the highlight, after all this drama is romance-based, just a little on the edgy side. Not really a war time’s romance but similar. Officers who were forced into a long distance relationship that played push and pull, of course, Yeongro (Jisoo) and Sooho (Jung Haein) the main protagonists’ hot and cold relationship that shows development as situations get dangerous. It is literal heart-racing physically and emotionally when it comes to love story in the drama!


Jisoo The Actress

Playing a young woman in love is already hard on its own but becoming the daughter of government’s higher up’s daughter who fell for the enemy’s secret officer? One heck of a job! However, Jisoo shows toughness in her sweetness and elegance as Yeongro. The character she played has done so much for the one she had a crush one from smuggling food to help him escape – only a tough girl can do this and Jisoo did the character who stitched the North and South’s agents with the dorm students together, justice. Well done, girl, we are proud of you.


Jung Hae-in arms

Please drop the workout routine, Jung Hae-in. We have been trying to figure out how to get those killer guns from the moment he flexed them as North Korean spy, Taedong River 1. He was in black short sleeves most of the time in the drama but even the forearm took up almost one-third of the screen when he stretched out to shoot his gun! It’s befitting for his position as an agent who survived a bad childhood, traitorous acts that were ongoing against him and toughest exam to pass as one of the best spies from the North camp.


Bonus (since each episodes of Snowdrop has bonus scenes, we have one too!):

Lee Kangmoo, the Black Tiger who were first shot by his own fiancee and was shown scruffy from the first episode until the end. Also were the ones given the most comic relief moments in hostile situation. This is an appreciation for Jang Seungjoo’s acting! Like Yeongro, he was also given the job to support the stitching in between enemies in the story.

Do you agree with our top 5 moments in Snowdrop (plus Bonus)? Judge our moments by binge watching the drama at Disney+ Hotstar today and let us know your own take for it.

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