Enjoy the hottest Korean shows premiering on Astro this March

Military Prosecutor Doberman, A Superior Day, When My Love Blooms and more

Enjoy the hottest K-dramas and K-variety shows on Astro this March

  • Throughout March, all K-fans can enjoy the premiere of the hottest K-dramas and K-variety shows on TV via tvN (Ch 395 HD), ONE (Ch 393 HD) and K-Plus (Astro GO Ch 396). Customers can also stream anytime via Astro GO and On Demand.
  • K-fans can enjoy the hottest K-dramas and K-variety shows premiering 24 hours after Korea, including:
    • ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’, Korean legal series, featuring Ahn Bo-hyun, Jo Bo-ah and more, on 1 March, at 9.15pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD).
    • ‘A Superior Day’, Korean thriller drama, starring Jin Goo, Ha Do-kwon and Lee Wongeun, on 14 March, at 9.15pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD).
    • ‘Kill Heel’, Korean drama series, featuring Kim Ha-neul, Lee Hye-young Kim Sung-ryung and more, on 10 March, at 9.15pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD).
  • K-pop fans can enjoy exciting K-drama and K-variety shows premiering the same week as Korea, such as:
    • ‘When My Love Blooms’, Korean romance-drama series, featuring popular K-idol Park Jin-Young (GOT7), Yoo Ji-Tae, Lee Bo-Young, and Jeon So-Nee, on 29 March, at 9.15pm via K-Plus (Astro GO Ch 396).
    • ‘The Sixth Sense 3’, Korean reality show, featuring Yoo Jae-suk, Oh Na-ra, Jessi, Mi-joo, and Lee Sang-yeob, on 23 March, at 10.30pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD).
    • ‘Shooting Stars’, Korean game show, starring Lee Soo Geun, Bae Seong Jae and more, on 9 March, at 11pm via ONE (Ch 393 HD).

Programme Highlights

Military Prosecutor Doberman
[24 hours after Korea] [Premiere]
1 March, 9.15pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD) | Stream anytime On Demand and Astro GO

Starring Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah, it tells the story of two military prosecutors with different goals and values, they fight against corruption together and grow into real military prosecutors.

A Superior Day
[24 hours after Korea] [Premiere]
14 March, 9.15pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD) | Stream anytime On Demand and Astro GO

Based on a webtoon series, it tells a story of an ordinary guy who finds out his daughter is being kidnapped, and he must kill the serial killer next door within 24 hours as the kidnapper requested.

Kill Heel
[24 hours after Korea] [Premiere]
10 March, 9.15pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD) | Stream anytime On Demand and Astro GO

Kill Heel revolves around three ambitious women who attempt to outperform their competitors against the backdrop of the home shopping industry.

When My Love Blooms
29 March, 9.15pm via K-Plus (Astro GO Ch 396)

A man and woman who fell in love during their college days meet again 20 years later, after everything has changed. Han Jae-hyun and Yoon Ji-soo were each other’s first love back in college, but their relationship did not last. Now in their 40s, Jae-hyun has become a successful businessman who pursues wealth and fame, while Ji-soo is a single mother who works contract jobs to make ends meet. The two of them get a second chance at love, when fate leads them back into each other’s lives.

The Sixth Sense 3
23 March, 10.30pm via tvN (Ch 395 HD) | Stream anytime On Demand Astro GO

Yoo Jae-suk and his fellow cast members return for the 3rd season! They will visit different places or people, and use their ‘sixth sense’ to analyse and figure out which one is entirely fabricated.

Shooting Stars
9 March, 11pm via ONE (Ch 393 HD) | Stream anytime On Demand Astro GO

Hosted by Lee Soo Geun and Bae Seong Jae, female celebrities and TV personalities form amateur soccer teams to battle it out on the soccer field. The teams are grouped based on the cast members’ background such as actresses, models and expat TV personalities. They are trained by four former players from the National Soccer Team in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, who join the show as head coaches. As the saying goes “the ball is round”, find out which team will win the first ever female celebrities mini-soccer league!

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