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Netflix’s Very First Live Fan Meet with Song Kang : A Virtual Stage Coloured with Interactive Fan Moments

Always on Netflix: Song Kang presents a captivating experience for global fans.

On 4 March, Netflix hosted its first-ever Live Fan Meet with Song Kang via THE SWOON, Netflix’s YouTube channel dedicated to Korean content. This was also the first virtual Live Fan Meet for Song Kang, a familiar face in the K-drama realm with his multiple appearances in series such as Love Alarm (1 & 2), Sweet Home, Nevertheless, and Forecasting Love and Weather.

The Fan Meet consisted of various segments packed with exclusive details from the star’s daily life, including unreleased photos, special footage, and a performance, which had the livestream chat firing up with responses from fans. Song Kang wrapped up the event expressing his surprise and awe at how many fans tuned in from around the world. Along with the event summary, here are some of Song Kang’s personal thoughts and insights into his daily life that we didn’t know of! 

Song Kang’s Photo Album Revealed

The first segment of the Fan Meet with Song Kang started off strong with the star going through the photo album on his phone to share bits and pieces of his personal life. He revealed previously unseen photographs to fans, including fun and adorable selfies to his daily looks. He also revealed photographs of himself doing all sorts of sports activities, which he shared as his recent hobby and a routine that he continues to prepare his body for the next role.

Netflix Series X Song Kang 

How well does Song Kang remember the roles and series he starred in? At the fan meet, Song Kang answered a series of questions, challenging him to remember details of his roles in the K-dramas on Netflix, such as Love Alarm (1 & 2), Sweet Home, Nevertheless, and Forecasting Love and Weather. The same questions were answered by his fans prior to the fan meet via SNS as a ‘How well do you know Song Kang?’ quest, which hardcore fans said was quite a challenge! 

Interactive Q&A with Fans

Furthermore, Netflix gathered a series of videos from fans across the globe asking Song Kang personal questions and requests. Out of over 3,000 entries, a few selected questions were presented — including a question from Malaysian content creator Yaya Zahir — covering the actor’s ritual before getting into character, the one role he would live in for the rest of his life, and what he does to blow off steam during his days off. This interactive fan opportunity brought the actor and his fans much closer.

Special Moments of Song Kang: V-log and Piano Performance

Song Kang surprised his fans with a few v-log style self-cam videos he had prepared just for the Live Fan Meet with Netflix. The v-logs showed the star filming himself and sharing his life up close from driving to going to a cafe.

Specifically for this Netflix-curated Fan Meet, Song Kang showcased a video of himself playing ‘Blooming Story’, an original song from the soundtrack of Love Alarm where he performed his first major role. He admitted that he chose the song because Love Alarm holds a special place in his heart and that the character Sun-oh still lingers in him. 

This virtual fan meeting was streamed in English, providing an exceptional experience for fans to interact with their beloved K-star in real-time. This Netflix-curated event unveiled a natural and personal side of Song Kang that fans were all craving for. The event is available in Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America), and Vietnamese via YouTube Channel THE SWOON, so those who missed it can view it over and over again!

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