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Enjoy More Korean Favourites On The Big Screen With K-Plus On TV (Ch 396)

Preview available from now till 31 May for all Astro customers

Astro customers can enjoy more Korean favourites on their big screens and in the comfort of their homes with K-Plus now on TV via Channel 396. Customers can also stream K-Plus (Ch 396) via Astro GO or On Demand.

On K-Plus (Ch 396), customers can look forward to an exciting mix of Korean hit shows including exclusive, first-run drama series, variety and K-pop shows such as The Killer’s Shopping List, Show Champion, Knowing Bros, House of Lies, Melancholia, The One and Only, and more.

All Astro customers can enjoy a complimentary preview of K-Plus (Ch 396) from now till 31 May 2022. From 1 June 2022, customers on the Korean Pack can continue to enjoy the hottest Korean dramas, movies and K-pop shows on K-Plus (Ch 396), KBS World (Ch 392), ONE (Ch 393), and tvN (Ch 395).

Programme Highlights

The Killer’s Shopping List

Final episode on 20 May, Friday, 9.15pm on K-Plus (Ch 396)

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

Dae-sung is working at his mother’s supermarket. One day, a dead body is found at an apartment near the supermarket. Finding this odd, Dae-sung, his mother, and his girlfriend Ah-hee gather around to find the real murderer, starting by looking through the receipts of the market. With Dae-sung’s great memory skills and Ah-hee’s good heart for justice, will they be able to find the real murderer by collecting the evidence at the supermarket?

House of Lies

Every Saturday & Sunday, 8pm on K-Plus (Ch 396)

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

The mystery thriller of a girl who returns to the place which she dreads the most, in search of her sister who has disappeared.  Ji-na is a hotel employee who appears to be leading a smooth life but is filled with a strong sense of inferiority. Following her sister’s disappearance, she returns to her family’s house at Rose Mansion to track down the whereabouts of her sister. Min-soo is a persistent detective who continues to investigate the case of the missing girl. He knows the apartment complex well.


Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

Ji Yoon-soo is a math teacher at a private high school. She is a romantic teacher who encourages her students to find their own answers and prove themselves. Baek Seung-yoo is a student at the school. He currently ranks last in school for academics, but has a hidden past. Once a math genius who won several math Olympiads, Seung-yoo entered the MIT at age 10, but dropped out 2 years later and went off the radar.

The One and Only

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

Each diagnosed with terminal illness In-sook , Mi-do and Se-yeon befriend each other at “Morning Light,” a hospice center for women. They decided to kill one bad person before they die. In the process, they three women finally meet “the one” they have been searching for their entire lives.

Show Window: The Queen’s House

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

The story of a woman who supported another woman’s affair, without knowing that it was with her own husband. Han Sun-joo is a perfect woman who has it all – beauty, intelligence and wealth. She helps her husband, Shin Myung-seob, as he climbs the career ladder at the company owned by her mother and raises their children to the best of her abilities. Myung-seob is a modern day Cinderella whose life completely changed after marriage. He was a good man devoted to his family, until he started feeling a strong attraction towards another woman.


Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

Lee Sun-woo is an editor and photographer. He wears a warm smile but hides a thirst for revenge. Han Chae-rin is the CEO of a beauty company. She possesses both wealth and beauty but longs for love. Park Da-som is a rising star who will do anything for success. She struggles to protect her son who suffers from a rare disease. Da-som’s husband, Hyun Seung-hoon, is an aspiring model who dreams of success.

Artificial City

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

A psychological mystery thriller that tells the story of things which lose their meaning when greed and power comes into play. It takes place in art museum that belongs to Sungjin Group, a major conglomerate in full control of Korea’s political and business world.

I Have Not Done My Best

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

The comical story of a 44-year-old man who voluntarily quits his job and decides to chase his dream of becoming a webtoon artist. Nam Geum-pil is a man in his forties who quits his job in the name of wanting to become a comic artist. He is criticized by his father, Nam Dong-jin, and daughter, Nam Sang-ah, but quickly overcomes it. One day, Geum-pil finds out that a neighbour who looks unemployed is in fact a webtoon artist who earns billions. With the belief that he can turn ‘daydreaming’ into art, Geum-pil decides to become an artist.

Work Later, Drink Now

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

An So-hee, Han Ji-yeon, and Kang Ji-gu are heavy drinkers who became best friends by drinking together. So-hee is a broadcast writer. She has a bad drinking habit, but is professional at work. Ji-yeon is a yoga instructor with a lovely image, but can be tactless at times. Ji-gu is a YouTuber who spends most of her time cooped up in her room. Joining the trio is the eccentric yet humorous variety show producer, Kang Buk-gu.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Stream anytime On Demand & Astro GO

Meet Do Bong-Soon (Park Bo-Young), a girl who hates the fact that she has herculean strength, as her crush, In Guk-Doo (Ji Soo) likes elegant and tender women, She becomes used to hiding her strength, and finds comfort through games, where those with strength like her’s conquer dungeons.  One da, she receives a call from An Min-Hyuk (Park Hyung-Sik), CEO of the game company “A-In Tech”, who asks her to become his bodyguard after being attacked by someone.  The three get entangled with each other as they find the perpetrator.  A romance- comedy surrounding the game industry, and a power packed trio.

Knowing Bros

Every Saturday, 10.30pm on K-Plus (Ch 396)

This is a talk show exploring a high school concept, where seven ‘Brothers’ with different backgrounds and experiences gather to answer all of your life questions. Every episode, celebrity guests are invited as new transfer students at the ‘Brother School’ where the mischievous cast members await them.

Weekly Idol

Every Sunday, 8pm on K-Plus (Ch 396)

Weekly Idol is a program focused on the hottest idol groups in Korea. This variety show has featured some of Korea’s most popular stars.

Show Champion

Every Saturday, 6.45pm on K-Plus (Ch 396)

Hosted by various guest MCs, Show Champion featured the most popular hits in Korea and the upcoming super rookies in the K-Pop music scene.

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