GOT7 Releases A New EP “GOT7”

An iconic K-Pop boyband, GOT7 makes a grand comeback with a new EP ‘GOT7’.

About the new EP “GOT7”, the group says “It’s for those who are trying not to forget about who they are, for those who have waited, and for those who have been with us. This is the beginning of our new first step, and it is the most GOT7-like album thus far.”

This is the award-winning K-Pop septet’ new project since a single ‘Encore’ release in February 2021. It also is GOT7’s first physical release in a year and a half since ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’ album.

The group’s self-produced album contains 6 tracks including a title track ‘NANANA’, written by JAY B. About the track, JAY B says “We want to bring a smile to the audience and IGOT7 who have been waiting for us. It’s a gift to them.”

For the past year, the members of GOT7 have been very active in each of their own solo careers in music, acting, musical, and more, which escalated the fans’ excitement when the group’s reunion was announced and confirmed.

Consist of multi-nationality members from South Korea, US, Thailand, and China, GOT7 was positioned as an ultimate global K-Pop group since the debut in 2014 with an EP “Got it?”, releasing multiple hits like A,’ ‘Stop stop it,’ ‘Just Right,’ ‘If You Do,’ andHard Carry’.


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