KIM JAE-JOONG is Set to Return to Malaysia After 12 Years For His First Solo Concert!

First K-POP concert in Malaysia since the pandemic happened!

2022 KIM JAE JOONG ASIA TOUR CONCERT IN KUALA LUMPUR will be held on 23rd September!

KIM JAE JOONG, a member of the legendary boy group, JYJ, is set to return to Malaysia after 12 years to hold his first ever solo concert, “2022 KIM JAE JOONG Asia Tour Concert in Kuala Lumpur”. He is also the first Korean artist to hold a concert in Malaysia since the lockdown was implemented.

Kim Jae Joong made his debut back in 2003 under the group TVXQ (also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki). In 2010, he left TVXQ with the other two members (Jun-su and Yoo-chun) and formed the group JYJ under C-JeS Entertainment. Kim Jae Joong, who is known worldwide as a legendary idol is also a very multitalented artist. Not only does he sing and compose songs, but he is also known to be incredible at acting. He has acted in various Korean drama series such as “Protect The Boss”, “Dr. Jin”, “Triangle”, “SPY” and “Manhole”.

Apart from his activities in South Korea, Kim Jae Joong has been actively promoting in Japan by holding various tours, releasing albums, and participating in various variety over the years since he was discharged from the military in 2016. In March of this year, he also released the song “Sixth Magnitude Star” with his member Kim Jun-su for the Japanese drama “Waru ~Who Said That Working Isn’t Cool?~” (literal translations), which delighted long-awaited fans.

Kim Jae Joong held his online solo concert “The Last On-Cert” last year, and to make up for his regrets, he held “2022 J-Party” and “J-Jun Thursday Party with Jaefans 2022” in both South Korea and Japan in January and May, respectively. They were also held to kickstart his offline tour, which has aroused much excitement in international fans.

C-JeS Entertainment has recently announced that Kim Jae Joong will be holding concerts in Seoul on the 17th and 18th of September to start off his Asia tour. Both Malaysia and Thailand were included as one of the stops on the tour.

iMe MY, the organizer in Malaysia, has recently made an announcement that they will be bringing Kim Jae Joong to Kuala Lumpur with “2022 KIM JAE JOONG Asia Tour Concert in Kuala Lumpur” which will be held at Plenary Hall, KLCC on 23rd September 2022(Friday), 7:30pm. Tickets are priced at RM787, RM687, RM587, RM487, and RM387, excluding a RM4 processing fee. Concert tickets will be sold via online at on 24th June (Friday) from 12pm onwards. Each transaction is limited to a maximum of 6 tickets only.

Every ticket comes with an opportunity to receive a fan benefit (selected on a random basis based on the ticket barcode), which will be announced at a later date. For the safety and wellbeing of the fans, attendees are required to wear masks throughout the concert. For more ticketing details and updated information regarding to the concert, please stay tuned to iMe MY’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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