Beyond Extraordinary! 3 Reasons Why EXTRAORDINARY ATTORNEY WOO is a K-Drama Sensation

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is quickly going viral as the best healing series of 2022. Currently ranking at #1 on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English TV chart, the series follows Woo Young-woo, a genius newcomer at the top-notch Hanbada Law Firm who is on the autism spectrum. She faces prejudicial treatment at work and in her daily life, but cracks cases by focusing on details and legal loopholes that nobody else can see. 

Unlike many legal dramas that grasp viewers’ attention by revealing competitive realities and extreme situations, Extraordinary Attorney Woo offers a fresh and heartwarming spin to the genre. Without further ado, here are three reasons why you need to watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

1. Captivating, thoughtful, and detailed portrayal of Woo Young-woo

Portraying a character on the autism spectrum is akin to treading a fine line. Park Eun-bin, who gained recognition for her roles in Age of Youth and The King’s Affection, echoed the sentiment. In an interview, she revealed, “I wasn’t sure if I would be able to portray the character without hurting anybody while doing so. That’s why I declined the role several times.” However, the director and writer were set on casting Park Eun-bin as the main character and waited for a year until she finally accepted.  

The responses are phenomenal. From comments like, “Young-woo is so lovely and cute! She is here to RULE the K-drama scene. I know she will!” to “Eun-bin’s portrayal of Young-woo is perfect: without saying a single word, her performance shows all of Young-woo’s detailed thoughts”, viewers are swooning over Eun-bin’s brilliant acting. 

Fans are also invested in Young-woo’s budding relationship with her colleagues, particularly with senior lawyer Jung Myeong-seok, who is played by Kang Ki-young.

Though he initially does not have a good impression of Young-woo, he warms up to her and becomes her strongest supporter after bearing witness to her brilliance. As a fan put it, “It’s almost as if Myeong-seok is Wooyoung’s father! I love their chemistry and bond!”

2. Heartwarming more than heart-wrenching stories

It’s not typical for K-dramas to tackle subjects like autism and the elderly in such a detailed and authentic way, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo manages to do just that with light-hearted charm and knee-slapping moments. 

A fan from the Philippines who revealed that they are on the spectrum commented, “The writer and director got every detail right, and there were no exaggerated or sensationalised scenes”, adding that the series even included realistic details such as Young-woo wearing headphones in the subway to cancel out external stimuli and eating the same meal every morning to maintain a daily routine. 

3. Ranked #1 on Netflix’s Global Top 10 Non-English TV chart

Extraordinary Attorney Woo ranked #1 in this week’s non-English TV shows, topping the charts in South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and charting in 12 countries’ Top 10 lists. 

With praise for the series spreading quickly through word of mouth, the series became one of the most talked about series in many regions. In tandem with its chart performance, fans are also expressing their love for the show with comments like “I love how each episode has a strong and fast plot” and “The best part is when everyone around the main character is supportive of her growth”Catch Young-woo in action in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, now streaming on Netflix with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday!

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