Fast-Paced New Korean Mystery “ADAMAS” Arrives July 27 On Disney+ Hotstar

Starring Jisung, Seo Jihye, Lee Sookyung and Heo Sungtae, this exciting new Korean drama sees two brothers working against a conspiracy that saw their father imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit

When two twin brothers discover that their birth father was falsely accused of the murder of their stepfather, they will be sent down a spiraling rabbit hole of conspiracies, twists, and a plot to topple a modern-day empire in an attempt to clear his name. Featuring a star-studded Korean cast, ADAMAS will be available on Disney+ Hotstar starting July 27.

Twenty-two years ago, twin brothers Ha Woosin and Song Suhyeon had their worlds torn apart when their beloved stepfather was murdered. Shaped by the traumatic experience, the brothers grew up to become a prosecutor and a mystery novelist before once again having the old wounds ripped open after discovering that their biological father was actually the one who was convicted and framed for the murder. Determined to expose the truth, the twins will use their collective skillsets to seek out the real murderer while also tracking down ADAMAS – a blood-covered diamond arrow that is the key to unravelling the entire conspiracy.

Starring Jisung as both mystery novel author Ha Woosin, and his prosecutor twin brother Song Suhyeon; Seo Jihye (Kiss Sixth Sense, Crash Landing on You) as Eun Hyesu; Lee Sookyung (Law School, Reply 1988) as local news reporter Kim Seohui, and Heo Sungtae (Big Bet, Squid Game) as Choi Taeseong, ADAMAS is written by Choi Taegang and directed by Park Seungwoo (Kairos, I Am Not A Robot).

Produced by CJ ENM’s production powerhouse Studio Dragon, ADAMAS is the latest Korean series to join the extensive library of endless entertainment available on Disney+ Hotstar. Fans of captivating Korean dramas can also enjoy the edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller Grid, about a shadowy figure who once saved humanity but who has now been identified as an accomplice to murder; Link: Eat, Love, Kill about a world-famous chef who has a breakdown in front of his customers and is forced to revisit his traumatic past and the mysterious disappearance of his sister; Soundtrack #1, about unrequited love between two close friends; Rookie Cops, a campus romance drama that follows the lives of a group of reckless freshmen at the Korean National Police Academy; as well as the breakout sensation Snowdrop, starring BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, in a story about a university student who goes against her family and her country to help the man she loves.

Start streaming ADAMAS on Disney+ Hotstar from July 27.

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