No Breaks nor Limits: Jump Into Non-Stop Action in the New Trailer for Netflix’s Carter

The main trailer for Carter has been unveiled, showcasing adrenaline-pumping action with visuals of the titular character in action.

The trailer begins with Carter (played by Joo Won), who has lost all memory of his past, receiving mysterious instructions from a mysterious voice. The voice commands Carter to bring the sole person with antibodies to produce vaccines for a virus that has infected 8.5 million people to North Korea and warns him that a number of obstacles stand in the way of his mission, including preemptive attacks from the CIA. The trailer also shares glimpses of Joo Won’s daring and dynamic action scenes, from jaw-dropping motorcycle chases to skydiving. 

Director Jung Byung-gil, a veteran of the action genre renowned for his unprecedented action scenes and cinematography, hinted at the whirlwind of action scenes and dynamic sequences bound to captivate global audiences, saying, “I wanted to use action sequences that have never been seen before.” 

Packed with powerful action and dynamic visuals, Carter will premiere on 5 August, only on Netflix. 


Title       : Carter
Director      : Jung Byung-gil
Starring       : Joo Won, etc.
Production  : Apeitda Production
Distribution : Netflix
Release Date : 5 August 2022

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