Big Mouth: To Live A Long Life Or Get Unlucky? Recap And Review From Episode 1 And 2

Episode 1

The first two episodes of Big Mouth starts on a good note while introducing us to the main characters. This drama revolves around Gucheon City.

Lee Jong-suk plays Park Chang-ho, a lawyer by profession, but he was plagued by a never-ending streak of bad luck and boasting a pitiful 10% success rate in court. He is known as “Big Mouth” because he runs his mouth without the skills. The only luck he has is Go Mi-ho, a loyal wife who is always by his side.

One day, Park Chang-ho received a call from the mayor of Gucheon. Mayor Choi Do-ha told Chang-ho about the Gucheon University Hospital murder case where three powerful men – a surgeon, a lawyer, and the son of the chair of Gucheon University Foundation – were caught in an accident and the body of a doctor was found in the car trunk.  As the three already had their own trial planned, they only need an obedient lawyer to be the front man. Mayor Choi hired Park Chang-ho to pretend to be the front man while he actually wanted Chang-ho to reveal the truth. Talk about playing a double agent!

While investigating the case, Chang-ho got his hand on a dashcam and found out there was a fourth accomplice. He is known as Gong Ji-Hoon, a powerful man and the president of Gukdong Daily. Having financial problems, Chang-ho decided to blackmail Gong Ji-hoon to buy the dashcam footage evidence from him.

Failed to blackmail Gong Ji-hoon, Chang-ho told Mayor Choi that he would give the footage to the prosecutor of the case directly. While having his third anniversary dinner with Mi-ho and his father-in-law, Chang-ho received a call from the prosecutor. Unfortunately, Chang-ho was drugged on the way to see the prosecutor and eventually got in an accident.

Episode 2

Staying truth to his fortune “lives a long life but unlucky”, Chang-ho woke up from the hospital bed to another series of unlucky event. Chang-ho was framed for drug use and got arrested by the police. Regional Investigation Unit also turned up at his office to search thoroughly and find a suitcase with gold bars, a gun and massive amount of cash in the walls and ceiling.

Chang-ho was taken to Gucheon Penitentiary, where he claimed the place for worst human trash and filled with corruption. While Chang-ho was being tortured in jail, a news report breaks out that “Big Mouse” has been caught and his identity is revealed to be Park Chang-ho. “Big Mouse” is the most wanted conman who is involved in many series of big crimes, but his identity remains a mystery.

Mi-ho, her father, and Soon-tae tried hard to prove Chang-ho’s innocence. Mi-ho decided to apply for a nurse position at Gucheon University Hospital, to find the truth behind the late doctor’s death. Soon-tae relayed this news to Chang-ho, and Chang-ho asked Soon-tae for a favour. He wanted to divorce Mi-ho so she could live a normal life.

Chang-ho, now at his lowest, thought that suicide is the best way out. He had his suicide note ready and tried a few ways to get killed by getting into a fight with another inmate, even trying a jailbreak. Will he succeed? We will find out in the next episode!

Big Mouth starts streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from July 29.

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