From Retro Fashion to Thrilling Car Action, Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Netflix’s SEOUL VIBE

Ready, set… go!

Seoul Vibe, with an ensemble cast featuring Yoo Ah-in, Ong Seong-wu, Moon So-ri, and more, is finally here to take you back to an era where vibrant colours and hip hop dominated the airwaves! 

Set in the days leading up to the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the action blockbuster revolves around a ragtag group of drivers and mechanics who go undercover to investigate a VIP’s slush fund. A nostalgic trip down memory lane to the early days of souped up cars and hip hop, here are three reasons why you should watch Seoul Vibe (if you haven’t already): 

1. Chemistry Among the Star-Studded Ensemble Cast

The cast of Seoul Vibe made headlines early on, as the line-up was composed of some of Korea’s most recognisable faces.

Leading the crew is Yoo Ah-in, who plays highly-skilled drifter Dong-wook. Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Kyoo-hyung, Park Ju-hyun, and Ong Seong-wu round up the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team as undercover spy DJ John Woo, master navigator Bok-nam, versatile biker Yoon-hee, and genius mechanic Joon-gi respectively. Each character has their own personality quirks and skillset, but together, the group works seamlessly together to pull off their mission while entertaining audiences with their sibling-like banter. 

Seoul Vibe also stars veteran actors such as Moon So-ri as President Kang, Kim Sung-kyun as Director Lee, Oh Jung-se as Prosecutor Ahn, and Jung Woong-in as the Chief Prosecutor. Rapper Song Min-ho a.k.a. Mino also makes his film debut as Galchi, a fellow drifter and frenemy of Yoo Ah-in’s Dong-wook, and contributed to the movie’s soundtrack. 

2. Hip Hop Meets Retro in the Music and Fashion Scene of 1988 Seoul

Hip hop and Korean pop from the ’80s is an essential component of the movie, and the characters — especially Go Kyung-pyo’s John Woo — are deeply attached to the musicians of the era. 

According to director Moon Hyun-sung, “I wanted to play with the genre of hip hop and thought of the Beastie Boys and other hip hop musicians from the ’80s. I started asking myself questions like, ‘What would they do as a group if they were somewhere in Seoul?’, and from there, I created the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team.”

The young and hip characters come to life in vintage colours and retro outfits, completing the late ‘80s aesthetic of Seoul Vibe. Taking inspiration from the film’s narrative that leads up to the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the production staff built upon the colours of the Olympic flag for the overall image of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team. Aviator glasses, jeans, and other nostalgia-evoking items were also included in their wardrobe, adding to the immersive experience of that era. 

Art director and production designer Jin Hye-jung commented, “I wanted to make sure that it looked stylish to our generation as of now, and realised that there was so much colour and different cool (attractive) objects in the ’80s.”

3. Thrilling Drifts, Unparalleled Speed, and Exhilarating Car Action

The thrilling car chases and drift scenes in Seoul Vibe offer a glimpse of what the streets of Seoul looked like in 1988. Keep an eye out for vintage cars such as the Bbangkku fam’s Pony pick-up truck, the white box-shaped Grandeur, BMW M5, and more. 

The fast-paced action will also satiate viewers’ need for speed as the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team weave in and out between the alleyways of Seoul. The actors trained with professionals before shooting the film and practised relentlessly to make the car-drifting action come to life. 

Catch the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team in action in Seoul Vibe, now streaming on Netflix! 

About Seoul Vibe

Directing : Moon Hyun-sung
Cast : Yoo Ah-in, Go Kyung-Pyo, Lee Kyoo-hyung, Park Ju-hyun, Ong Seong-wu, Moon So-ri, Oh Jung-se, Kim Sung-kyun, Jung Woong-in etc. 
Producers : Yoo Hyung-Seok, Kwon Oh-hyun
Co-Production : UAA
Distribution : Netflix
Release Date : 26 August 2022

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