Girl Group XG Enters Spotify’s Viral 50 Global Playlist

After becoming viral with its second single, the girl group gifted fans with a performance video of ‘MASCARA’

Last week, XG’s single ‘MASCARA’ was added to Spotify’s official Viral 50 Global playlist. The song was also among the most popular songs in 15 countries. This is only one of the achievements of the artists and their ALPHAZ – fandom name revealed previously. The first comeback started a well-succeded era and the song also got a lyric video and an exclusive performance video shot in urban areas as a gift to fans who follow them.

Released in June, ‘MASCARA’ amplified XG’s success even more. In less than a month, the official music video of the song surpassed 20 million views on YouTube. On the same platform, all the other choreographies videos reached 1 million views, including the live performances on South Korean music shows.

The viral phenomenon on social media also brought good numbers on streaming platforms, especially Spotify. The app recently added ‘MASCARA’ to the Viral 50 Global playlist, updated weekly to include the 50 songs with the highest stream numbers. The song also appeared on the playlist of 15 countries, including Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong as well as in countries from the opposite side of the planet such as Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, and Peru.

Establishing itself as a global artist, XG continues to show its strength and influence worldwide.

2nd single MASCARA

“MASCARA” brings an empowerment and self-confidence message for the next generations and shows the union, compassion, and courage of the group members. The chorus “don’t mess with my mascara” captures XG’s fearless and bold essence. No one will make them cry.

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