Stylish Retro, Hip-tro! Seoul Vibe Trailer Unveils This August’s Coolest Crew

A fresh new trailer and poster for Seoul Vibe were released showcasing the ensemble cast of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, a crew of stylish drivers and mechanics who go undercover to unravel some fishy business involving a VIP slush fund. 

With a rhythmic beat from a tape titled ‘Seoul Vibe mixtape 1988’, the trailer kicks off with the stylish Sanggye-dong Supreme Team receiving an irresistible offer from Prosecutor Ahn to help him with an unofficial case revolving around a VIP slush fund. On fully customised vehicles, the crew starts to deliver goods for President Kang, who is unofficially the second most influential person in 1988 South Korea. Numerous obstacles stand in their way, including threats from Director Lee, who finds the crew’s actions to be suspicious.

Meanwhile, the poster reveals the crew’s hip hideout as well as Seoul Vibe’s star ensemble cast — Yoo Ah-in as Dong-wook, the supreme driver with perfect drifting skills, Go Kyung-pyo as John Woo, the Club DJ, Lee Kyu-hyung as Bok-nam, the navigator, Park Ju-hyun as Yoon-hee, the talented motorcyclist, and Ong Seong-wu as Joon-gi, the mechanic.  

Director Moon Hyun-sung said, “The first step of Seoul Vibe was hip hop,” attributing hip hop music and culture from the ‘80s as one of the movie’s motifs. The stylish Sanggye-dong Supreme Team will reflect a combination of retro and hip hop (“hip-tro”) vibe.

Yoo Ah-in from Hellbound, who will transform into a new image in Seoul Vibe, highlighted the crew’s chemistry, saying, “From start to finish, it was like being and hanging out with friends my age.” 

Ong Seong-wu added, “The vibe on set was spectacular! It was as though ‘Bbagkku Fam’ was united in real life.”

With popping visuals and music to excite viewers’ eyes and ears, Seoul Vibe will be released globally on 26 August, only on Netflix. 

Title Overview

Title : Seoul Vibe
Director : Moon Hyun-sung
Cast : Yoo Ah-in, Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Kyu-hyung, Park Ju-hyun, Ong Seong-wu, Moon- So-ri, Kim Sung-kyun, Oh Jung-se, Jung Woong-in, etc. 
Producers : Yoo Hyung-seok, Kwon Oh-hyun
Co-Production : UAA
Distribution : Netflix

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