[Event Coverage] (G)-IDLE Sizzles in Kuala Lumpur

September 9 is a great date for Malaysian fans of (G)-Idle as the group finally came to Malaysia for their first concert here, as part of their 2022 (G)-Idle World Tour, Just Me ( )I-dle . The group was first scheduled to visit in 2020 but was postponed after the COVID-19 restrictions all over the world. Fast forward to two years after, the group was finally here, and it shows in the SOLD OUT concert tickets, and the warm welcome given by the Malaysian Neverlands.

(G)-Idle picture 1

The wet weather definitely did not dampen the fan’s spirit as many of them reach and queued at a nearby shopping complex early, to make sure to get good spots to see their favourite (G)-Idle members. At 7pm sharp, fans were seen entering the hall and excitedly selected their vantage point. While having time to kill before the starting of the show, some were heard making new friends and others in taking selfies and OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day, or in this case OATC – Outfit At The Concert). The crowd goes crazy when music starts in the background and (G)-Idle’s My Bag was played. Everyone (who knows the lyric) started to sing along and surprisingly, in sync!

A few minutes before the concert starts, the Jalur Gemilang was shown on screen, and without the need of an announcement, the crowd started to sing along, as if on queue, to the Negaraku that was played.

At 8.30pm sharp, the lights were dimmed and a montage of the group were shown on the screen. Fans started screaming and chanting for their favourite group to come out, and phone screens were also raised, as everyone wanting to record the moment the girls step on stage. The screen and the background turned red, and with the sound of a bell, 5 petite girls, in black showed up on stage, and started their performance with Oh My God.

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“Is everyone seeing us for the first time?” asked Minnie during ment and to her and the others amazement, most of the fans replied unanimously “YES!”. To this Minnie continued with “OK, let’s introduce ourselves one by one, and I’ll start first”. “I’m the main vocal of (G)-Idle, Minnie, and you may know me by my dreamy voice and my voice will steal your heart today!”. Miyeon then continued playfully with “My name is Miyeon and it means beautiful rose, and I think I’m just as beautiful as my name, what do you think?” to which the boys in front of the author started screaming in agreeing to the statement.

Soyeon came up next, introducing herself as the leader of the group, who can rap, dance, sing, write songs, produce for the group and is also sexy, while doing a body wave, earning more screams by boys and girls alike. Yuqi, not wanting to lose to the leader, introduced herself as cute, cool, smart, a perfect person and multilingual (then starts introducing herself in Chinese).

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The last member to present herself, Shu Hua, introduced herself as “Boss Baby” partly as she is the youngest of the group.

Fans were singing along to each and every song, and this did not come unnoticed. “I see you singing along to our songs, and we love it” says Soyeon. The group manage to interact with the fans in English and Chinese (both Yuqi and Shuhua are Chinese speakers) through out the concert.

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Towards the end of the show, while the girls were wrapping up and saying their thanks, the crowd started to sing a happy birthday song to Yuqi, while showing hand banners that said “Happy Birthday Song Yuqi” and “Always Got Your Back”. Yuqi was delighted, thanked the fans and goes on to explain that eventhough her birthday is on September 23rd, that night (September 9th), is actually her birthday, according to the Chinese calendar.

Each member then thanked all the fans for coming and promised to keep on coming to Malaysia for their future tours. During the 2 hour show, the group manage to show their charms and colorful personalities. The venue felt intimate and it feels as though all the fans were touched by the love given by their favourite group and in return, the group receives the love and loyalty of the fans.

Songs performed that night:

1. Oh My God
4. Blow Your Mind
5. Senorita
7. Luv U
8. HANN (Alone in winter)
9. HANN (Alone)
10. MOON
12. HWAA
13. LION
14. LIAR
15. Never Stop Me
16. Uh-Oh
17. MY BAG

We would like to thank ACO Media, Hitman Solutions and The Wonderland+ for the invitation.

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