Life Lessons 101 Big Mouth Edition

Getting life lessons from a second-rate lawyer whose world was turned upside down in a single day may be unorthodox but as Park Chung-Ho (Lee Jong-suk)’s life will show you, you’ll definitely come out on top.

Here are five life lessons from Big Mouth that could save you from a lifetime of pain.

1. Marry your best friend

The person you marry can make or break your life. Chung-Ho and Mi-ho are not the perfect on-screen couple that you see in romance movies, but their relationship is nothing but resilient. Though Mi-ho has to constantly deal with the consequences of her husband’s overly strong ambition, she never relinquishes her trust in him. Even when the entire country believed Chung-Ho was a villain, Mi-Ho continued to fight by his side to prove his innocence. So, marrying your best friend could literally save your life.

 2. Fake it till you make it

Nothing beats persistence when you’re stuck in a sticky situation. So the next time you’re struggling at something, keep trying and you’ll eventually succeed. For Chung-Ho, going from Big Mouth to Big Mouse wasn’t easy but it was the only choice he had. struggling to adapt to life in prison, Chung-Ho finally makes the life-saving decision to put on the mask of Big Mouse.

Despite some expected stumbles, he eventually continues to gain influence within the prison with his new persona.

3. There’s nothing wrong with accepting help

Asking for help can be tough, especially when you’re surrounded by people who expect something in  return. Hye-Jin (Hong Ji-Hee), doesn’t have anyone to turn to when she’s in trouble because of her corrupt husband. Even when others offered a way out, Hye-Jin was reluctant to accept their help. However,  her life took a turn for the better when finally took the leap and accepted their help.

4. With a good team, you can save a nation

Nothing beats a squad you can rely on. From bad breakups to fighting a corrupt system, there’s nothing you can’t overcome without an amazing support system. Despite the many attacks and accusations they faced, Chung-Ho always had his squad (wife, his father-in-law, and his best friend) by his side. Be it a tough legal case or mistaken identity as a notorious criminal, they were always ready to put themselves in danger to save him.

5. Don’t underestimate your opponents

A lesson both viewers and Chung-Ho can learn is to never underestimate your enemy. When Chung-Ho took on the persona of Big Mouse, he also falsely assumed the notorious swindler’s confidence, which was a mistake that could have cost him his life. As he continues his attempts to uncover the true face behind Big Mouse, his lofty ambitions and false bravado may prove to be his downfall.

Well, one thing is for sure – nothing beats a good old-fashioned takedown. Chung-Ho’s fight continues in the Big Mouth season finale on September 16, streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar here.

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