[Event Coverage] ZHANG YIXING unVEILs the Sail to His Concert Tour, GrandLine 2 in the Arena Of Stars, Malaysia

“Grand Line” was first conceptualised when Yixing released “Namanana” back in 2018. In the music video, one spots a giant ship cruising towards the sky, symbolizing his solo pursuit and persistence towards his dreams while still being part of EXO.

4 years later, after departing from SM Entertainment earlier this year, but still armed with the same determination and courage, Yixing resumes his solo offline concert by opening “Grand Line II: Infinite Lands” in Malaysia. He had previously in 2019 toured China and visited Bangkok for “Grand Line: The First Concert” but this time around, he will be making more stops to spread his music.

Yixing shining bright with hip-hop numbers such as “Jade”.

We were told that Yixing himself actively partook in the creative design of the concert, from deciding the program content to the selection of the concert setlist. This was evident from the consistent and immersive ‘nautical-inspired‘ experience throughout the concert (intermission videos of Yixing exploring his ship with images of waves crashing onto rocks, and swashbuckling-themed outfits!) as well as glimpses of his passion in wanting to blend Chinese culture into pop music, his brand of “M-Pop“.

 “Mama” had a musical sequence with dancers depicting the relationship between his mum and his younger selves.

The sail begun with a beautiful video introduction of Captain Yixing, inviting all to journey alongside him and throughout the concert, there were impressive insertions of Peking Opera (particularly “Farewell, My Concubine”), dancers dressed in hanfu hitting the “tanggu” (a type of Chinese ceremonial hall drum), incorporation of the “erhu” (the Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument) into his songs, as well as the very flavourful “Changsha” (which he wrote mainly using the Changsha dialect). He even ended the outro to “Jade” on the “hulusi” (a traditional free reed flute).

Reactions to Yixing walking through the crowd, much to the delight of the fans seated at the VIP section, during “3 Wishes”. 

With a total of 9 sets of stage styles and a medley of close to 30 songs, Yixing showcased his versatility on-stage from the dramatic “Joker” and “Lit”, to the more sexy and sultry songs like “Amusement Park” and “Lay U Down”.

An impromptu “Satay Sedap” on the piano, as he loved what he had they day before.

He also tuned it down further with an acoustic version of “Call My Name” on his guitar, as well as a piano version of “Stay With Me”. The ballad version of “Boom” was another crowd favourite. Save to say his fans sure got to see all aspects of him as a performer that night!

 Unveiling “Veil” live for the very first time!

Before closing the night, Yixing returned to stage with one last throwback to one of his earlier releases, “Honey”, for his encore, and when the night drew to the end and the audience had to disembark from Grand Line II, Yixing left no doubt that he is certainly one of the stars among the sea of lights and we look forward to his onward voyage.

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