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[Exclusive] Jeon So Mi Open To Collaborate With Malaysian Singer

Ennik Somi Douma, or famously known as Jeon So Mi, became a household name when she became the winner of the survival reality show Produce 101 Season 1 and the show’s project girl group I.O.I.

We were given the chance to have a quick chat with So Mi when she was in Malaysia for MOKKOJI KOREA.

Jeon So Mi at the Mokkoji concert
Jeon So Mi at the Mokkoji concert

This trip marks her first time in Malaysia. “This is my first time in Malaysia, but I have to leave after the show and just arrived last night (before the concert). So, I didn’t have the time to go around and experience the food and the culture. I guess this is the perfect opportunity to come again?” said So Mi when asked about her time here.

“It’s been awhile since my last album. I am always preparing songs for my album. What inspires me while writing my songs? I guess it’s more about my life and what I am feeling at the time” answered So Mi when asked about her plans for her future album. “As to what genre, it also depends on what I feel at that time. As of now, I’m more into hip hop.”

Open to collaborate with Malaysian singer
Open to collaborate with Malaysian singer

“I am open to collaborating with anyone, probably a Malaysian artist?” when asked about a dream collaboration.

Little known fact, So Mi is also a black belt holder in Taekwondo. “I would love to try acting, probably in the future as I want to focus on singing, dancing and performing for now. But if given a chance, I would definitely like to be in an action movie”.

As MOKKOJI is an event for cultural sharing, So Mi was delighted to share that if there is another chance to be back again in Malaysia and share more about the Korean culture, she said “Yes, I’ll definitely be back”. She was also happy when we mentioned that fans would be excited if she were to come back for her own concert.

So Malaysian Sommungchis, who would you like to see So Mi perform with? Does Any Malaysian singer come to mind?

We would like to thank MOKKOJI KOREA and KOFICE for the invitation.

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