K-pop New Music (16 November 2022)

STAR (feat. Goopy)

from the album “BIGONEISTHENAME”

Starting with the remake single “Password 486” came a full-length pop punk album “BIGONEISTHENAME” where BIGONE channels his true self as a cheerful & unpretentious person. Although he is relatively new to the pop punk genre, it is the perfect fit with his free-spirited nature. UNCUTPOINT’s primary artist BIGONE will throw the listeners back to their own mischievous and naughty high-teen days with the help of featuring artists Goopy, Mirani, JAY B, jayci yucca on the new release.

Missing You
The Golden Spoon (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. 10

A former member of the girl group ‘Lady’s Code’ turned ballad prodigy, Sojung sings the final OST of the MBC drama ‘Gold Spoon’ starring Yook SungjaeChaeyeon Jeong, and YeonwooSojung’s husky and powerful vocals almost sound agonizing in the song’s context of longing someone you love but not in return.

Selfish Love (feat. Ashley Alisha)
from the singles “This Love”

The tireless songwriter Dept going for a full-length album, releases a new single “This love”. The featuring artist Kelsey Kuan deliberately singing in an airy tone on the track ‘This love’ and Ashley Alisha’s bittersweet tone on the track ‘Selfish love’, both hint the stage of falling out of love with a selfish person. The hopelessness of a broken relationship described on the single “This love” is the perfect vibe for the upcoming winter blues.

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