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[Exclusive] Rookie Group BLANK2Y Overwhelmed With Fans Support At MOKKOJI Korea 2022

BLANK2Y may have just debuted in May this year but this group is eager to capture fans attentions and is coming on strong. With two extended plays and two singles under their belt, this group is here for the long haul.

Formed by Keystone Entertainment, the group consists of U, DK, Sungjun, Youngbin, Louis, Mikey, Sodam, Donghyuk, and Siwoo (was not present).

“We are thankful to be chosen as one of the performers for MOKKOJI KOREA. This is definitely the right occasion to introduce fans to Korean culture and also K-pop. And with the energy that we received from the fans during the High-Five event, we hope to present a powerful performance later (for the Mokkoji concert)” shared Donghyuk.

What is your impression on Malaysia?

DK: When we arrived, there were many fans who were waiting for us. They were giving us overwhelming support and we are thankful to be here during this occasion. And during the High-Five with the fans, we were so happy to see that there were many fans who joined the event. We would like to come here again.

What do you want the fans to think about BLANK2Y?

DK: We want the fans to feel that we are very lovely people and to feel proud to be a K2YWE (fandom name – pronounced similar to Kiwi)

How has the journey been since the group debut?

U: It was a happy journey for us since our debut. We are honoured to represent Korea in many occasions. We’ve also done a lot of overseas tours.

Have you tried any Malaysian food?

Youngbin: We heard of nasi goreng before this but we don’t know what it is, but I found out that it’s a very nice fried rice. I would like to try it.

Is there anywhere in Malaysia that you would like to visit?

U: I read that there’s a deep jungle in Malaysia, if I have a chance, I would like to visit.

Louis: I would like to go to The Twin Towers.

Any messages to your fans?

Youngbin: Dear K-popped! readers, we will improve more and develop more over time. Please look forward to our performances in the future.

K2YWE will definitely be looking forward for BLANK2Y to come back again and to share more of Malaysian culture with them.

We would like to thank MOKKOJI KOREA and KOFICE for the invitation.

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