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[Event Coverage] Jackson Wang Brings Magic To His Magic Man Concert

Jackson Wang proved his world star status once again with a sold out concert of Jackson Wang Magic Man World Tour 2022-2023 Malaysia stop at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. Fans from all over Malaysia and neighboring countries came to catch the superstar at his best. Jackson brought his A-game and sets the bar really high for his first ever solo concert.

The concert starts precisely at 8pm, when the lights were dimmed and the big screen showed his music video and an impressive show of laser effects around the stadium. Minutes later, the Magic Man himself showed up on stage, and kicked things off with 100 Ways and Go Ghost.

After a powerful opening, Jackson took a short break and greeted the fans. “I hope you’ll take this concert as a story of my life”, said Jackson before continuing on with a back to back performance of Blackout and I Don’t Have It before a short wardrobe change.

The show continues on with Just Like Magic. He then continues on the elevated extended stage and performed All The Way, Bullet To The Heart and Drive You Home.


Jackson Wang – Just Like Magic @ JACKSON WANG MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2022 in KUALA LUMPUR #TeamWang #JacksonWang #JacksonWanginMY #JacksonWanginKL #MagicManWorldTourinKL #MAGICMANWorldTourinMY #MagicManinKL #MagicManinMY

♬ original sound – K-popped! Crew – K-popped! Crew

During the break, Jackson continued to thank the fans, (alternating between English and Cantonese) and hoped that the fans will see all the different sides of him that he wants to share. He then continues on with Blue and Dopamine.


Jackson Wang – All The Way @ JACKSON WANG MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2022 in KUALA LUMPUR #TeamWang #JacksonWang #JacksonWanginMY #JacksonWanginKL #MagicManWorldTourinKL #MAGICMANWorldTourinMY #MagicManinKL #MagicManinMY

♬ original sound – K-popped! Crew – K-popped! Crew

After a short VCR, Jackson came back on stage and performs LMLY and Vibes on what looks like a treadmill on the stage. As the song finishes, he search for his muse from the crowd, and brings laughter to fans when he asked “Do you have a boyfriend? Husband? No? OK come” to the selected fan. The fan was then serenaded to I Love You 3000 in front of a full house of jealous fans. After bidding the fan goodbye, Jackson continues with Poison, before leaving the stage for another wardrobe change.


Jackson Wang – I Love You 3000 @ JACKSON WANG MAGIC MAN WORLD TOUR 2022 in KUALA LUMPUR #TeamWang #JacksonWang #JacksonWanginMY #JacksonWanginKL #MagicManWorldTourinKL #MAGICMANWorldTourinMY #MagicManinKL #MagicManinMY

♬ original sound – K-popped! Crew – K-popped! Crew

Jackson came back with Come Alive and Champagne Cool. He then selects another fan for The Moment. The fan gets to sit in the middle of the stage while Jackson and dancers danced around her. The fan did not leave after a song as Jackson continued with Dead.

After sending the fan back to her place, Jackson proceeds to the main stage and performed Drive It Like You Stole It before saying his final ment of the night. He mentioned that since he will be staying for a few days, he wanted to go to a Mamak restaurant (since the fans suggest it during his last visit).

The extended stage transformed into a fiery guitar, Jackson performed his last two songs Cruel and Blow before exiting the stage.


After what seems like forever, Jackson shows up for the encore performance with a remix version of Pretty Please. While not really performing the song, Jackson was seen enjoying himself dancing and laughing with the dancers on stage. Jackson brought a male fan to dance along with him and the dancers on stage. He then went out of his way and climbed up the barricades to get to the fans on the first floor, while the securities scurries to his side to keep him safe. As the final track ends, Jackson and his team bowed and thanked the fans once again, with a group photo and left the stage, as the concert was officially over.

Overall, Jackson Wang, famous for his love and respect for the fans, prepared a lot for his first concert. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future.

We would like to thank AEG Presents Asia and InTour Live for the invitation.

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