6 Fun Facts About Physical: 100 That Entered The Global Top 10 On Netflix

Since premiering on 24 January, adrenaline-fueled Korean reality TV series Physical: 100 has been gaining worldwide traction. The series made its way to the second spot in the Netflix Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) list, and dominated the Global Top 10 TV charts in a staggering 62 countries, including ranking #1 in Malaysia.

The intense survival reality series pits one hundred contestants in top physical shape against each other as they go head-to-head in various challenges of strength, balance, endurance, agility, and willpower.

Behind the scenes of the nail-biting tension and physical clashes, here are 6 fun facts about this extreme survival entertainment program: 

  1. Producer Jang Ho-gi served as a member of the special forces unit during his mandatory military service.  

  2. Netflix received an email from the aforementioned documentary producer — whom they’ve never met — about the plans for Physical: 100 and decided to produce the program in just two weeks.

  3. Jungkook from BTS watched the show during a livestream, which was watched by 10 million simultaneous viewers. 

  4. The round indoor arena, where the 100 participants gather at the beginning of the show, is inspired by the Pantheon from Ancient Rome. 

  5. The producer hopes to make a show like this in other countries in the future – developing it into a program that lets contestants participate all over the world. 

  6. The producer hopes that gender-related physical prejudice will be changed through the program.

Catch up on the 100 contestants’ journey and stay tuned to find out who comes out on top in  Physical: 100, now streaming on Netflix!


Title: Physical: 100
Showrunner/ Director: Jang Ho Gi
Screenwriter: Kang Sukkyeong, Jo Keun Ae
Production: MBC, Luyworks Media
Distribution: Netflix
Release Date: 24 January 2023 (Tuesday) – 21 February 2023 (Tuesday)

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